OVER 50 Reported Tornadoes – Entire Towns Gone

OVER 50 Reported Tornadoes – Entire Towns Gone

06-290x217 Reports that entire towns may be gone as a large scale tornado outbreak flattens building and structures across the US claiming at least 5 lives

Reports that entire towns may be gone as a large scale tornado outbreak flattens building and structures across the US claiming at least 5 lives

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ALL POINTS ALERT to east coast USA – North East USA – South USA – and South East USA . Multiple towns WIPED OFF THE MAP ! 17 OFFICIAL national weather service Tornado WARNING areas… and 43 reported tornadoes so far today – and we haven’t even seen the storm reach the east coast! These numbers will end up being MUCH HIGHER when all is said and done over the next 12 hours from now (500pm CST 3/2/2012.)

correction..make it OVER 50 reported tornado WARNINGS !!!! wow !!!! thats per a NWS certified meteorologist here in Saint Louis MO ! KSDK news.. was officially from NWS 43 about an hour ago !

Website post with links you will need to monitor these severe storms:


Indiana town wiped off the map:


A powerful severe storm system moved across the United States on Friday, with a slew of apparent tornadoes from Alabama to Indiana contributing to at least four deaths and threatening even more destruction as the day wore on. This includes damaged roofs, where roof replacement Burlington services, like others, will be needed, trees falling down, windows smashed in, the list is endless.

National Weather Service meteorologist John Gordon reported Friday afternoon the agency has about “half a dozen reports of tornadoes on the ground,” as well as reports of “significant damage” – stressing all the while that the worst may still be to come. Therefore, it is important for those who do have damaged houses to repair them as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of another tornado. This may mean contacting a window replacement service, like salemwindowsdoors.com, because broken windows are one of the most common results of powerful tornadoes.

As of 6 p.m. ET, the weather service had 21 active tornado warnings, plus less urgent tornado watches that spanned 11 states.

“This is an enormous outbreak that’s going on right now across Kentucky and the South,” Gordon said. “It’s crazy. It’s just nuts right here.”

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The AP reports:

Powerful storms stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes flattened buildings in several states, wrecked a small Indiana town where officials say at least three were killed, and bred anxiety across a wide swath of the country in the second powerful tornado outbreak this week.

Widespread damage was reported in southern Indiana, where Clark County Sheriff’s Department Maj. Chuck Adams said the town of Marysville is “completely gone.”

Indiana Department of Homeland Security Spokesman John Erickson confirms three deaths in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher Shelly Jones says houses are missing near the unincorporated town of Chelsea.

Dozens of houses were also damaged in Alabama and Tennessee two days after storms killed 13 people in the Midwest and South.

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