#OpStopTheBullShit Now Has Its Own Reddit: Join In At /R/Opstopthebullshit

#OpStopTheBullShit Now Has Its Own Reddit: Join In At /R/Opstopthebullshit


A new reddit has been created for #opStopTheBullShit and here is some of the bullshit people responded to my tweet saying they would like to see stopped.

Just came across this tweet on #opstopthebullshit.

In case you are wondering I asked (and was shut down on twitter within an hour after an overwhelming response:

What Bull Shit Would You Like Stopped? Let Your Voice Be Heard #opStopTheBullShit

@kr3at wants to know what bullshit you would like to see stopped. Let your voice be heard using the hashtag#opStopTheBullShit


Join the conversation on Twitter now and help get this trending to send the message we will remain silent no longer.

Google Plus and Instagram allow hashtags as well :)

The conversation is still going and someone has created a new reddit at /r/opstopthebullshit.

Here is a link to a SHTF411 discussion thread listing some of the top bullshit people want stopped. Overwhelmingly the responses have focused on political corruption, violations of our Constitution and the war crimes committed in our illegal overseas wars.

Disclaimer: The items listed here are complaints taken from twitter. I didn’t write them and reposting does not necessarily mean I endorse them or agree with them. I will not censor the opinions of others however.


If anyone was curious, here is a list of the bullshit people want stopped


What Bull Shit Would You Like Stopped? Let Your Voice Be Heard #opStopTheBullShit http://bit.ly/S7PKUh


  • DO Not Extradite #Assange
  • Eliminate special interest lobbies; make holding political office an unpaid duty wtf does Israel need aid for? Pfft
  • Stop falling for WHITE LIES ,Snap outta Denial, BREAK FREE, Power to the People-.This is my sincere prayer for you
  • End Poverty in the World; Stamp Out Aids; End Corporate Greed and act as a humanitarian
    Chemtrails #opStopTheBullShit
  • OBAMNEY #opStopTheBullShit
  • There is no right, there is no left. There is only the illusion of choice. We are waking up to your lies!
  • On the topic of Israel, who really owns it? Israelis, Palestinians, or Rothschild Zionists? #opSTOPTheBullshit
  • #opSTOPTheBullshit Hey Obomba – why don’t you come clean about Israel’s Nuclear Weapons & US funding to the tune of billions every year?
  • #WTC7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7BImVvEyk#opStopTheBullShit
  • #OpStopTheBullshit let people grow food on the vast expanses of unpopulated land, we don’t need Money to survive. Earth is abundant, for us
  • #opSTOPTheBullshit Uphold #HumanRight @carwinb Obama overrule @Amnesty Int & Pres of Yemen,Journo remain jail http://j.mp/GzAiLt#NDAA
  • False Left-Right paradigm continues to blind the majority of Americans. #opStopTheBullshit
  • Two Party Rule, Prohibition, NDAA, War, The Fed, MSM Manipulation #opStopTheBullshit
  • #OpStopTheBullShit on Obama’s socialist ideals!
  • U.S. stop protecting Wahhabi breeding & feeding Saudi Arabian regime for discounts on oil & military bases in the zone #opStopTheBullshit
  • Rebloodlicans and Democrips are terrorist organizations #opStoptheBullshit @GOP @TheDemocrats
  • #opStopTheBullShit- Stop the military recruiting of our children using the lie “To Protect Our Freedom”!!!
  • President @BarackObama sues to keep indefinite detention in the #NDAA. #opStopTheBullshit
  • Obama is a corporate whore, Romney is Thurston Howl the Third, America is fucked #opStopTheBullshit
  • ☞ #OPstopTheBullshit Hands off Julian #Assange .Free Bradley #Manninghttp://dlvr.it/2BFNFt ☜•*¨*•
  • Let’s get fair representation for all parties, not just democrips and rebloodlicans.. #opStopTheBullShit #JesseVentura
  • #opStopTheBullShit All of Congress are thieving criminals & they’re traitors for starting illegal wars. Throw them all out.
  • #opStopTheBullshit- Corporate donations (bribes) to their Whore Politicians!!!
  • #opStopTheBullShit- Stop planning the next “False Flag”!!!
  • Vote for Nobody. Nobody tells the truth. #opStopTheBullShit
  • #opStopTheBullShit – A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.
  • #opStopTheBullshit Celebrities and sports figures shouldn’t be the tools or special interest contributors of political campaigns. Dignity!
  • Stop spending billions on the Military Industrial Complex & use it to eradicate poverty #OpStopTheBullshit
  • Let the media report on actual facts instead of propaganda. #opStopTheBullshit
  • End the FDA so we can actually have medicine that cures people and food that isn’t poisonous. #opStopTheBullshit
  • Vote for Nobody. Nobody tells the truth. #opStopTheBullShit
  • Dear Police Officers: Do not allow personal comforts to stand in the way …http://m.tmi.me/x7bTp
  • Stop mass murdering innocent people by use of drones in countries we have no business being in! #opStopTheBullshit

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