#OpStopTheBullShit – CENSORED! Twitter Doesn’t Like Me Working Up My 6,500 Followers

#OpStopTheBullShit – CENSORED! Twitter Doesn’t Like Me Working Up My 6,500 Followers

#OpStopTheBullShit – CENSORED! Twitter Doesn’t Like Me Working Up My 6,500 Followers

I just decided to kick up a little shit storm on Twitter and as soon as the hashtag started trending twitter cut me off. I don’t understand why they have the right to cut me off from my Twitter followers who want to read what I have to say. It just doesn’t seem fair to me at all. Whilst some people may use something like Twesocial to get their loyal followers, I have been able to grow mine by myself over a number of years which isn’t really the norm anymore.

So go ahead pickup the torch for me :) #opStopTheBullshit

What Bull Shit Would You Like Stopped? Let Your Voice Be Heard #OpStopTheBullShit

@kr3at wants to know what bullshit you would like to see stopped. Let your voice be heard using the hashtag#opStopTheBullShit

Be Heard - #opStopTheBullShit

Be Heard – #opStopTheBullShit

Join the conversation on Twitter now and help get this trending to send the message we will remain silent no longer.

Google Plus and Instagram allow hashtags as well :)

The trend picked up almost immediately but it took less than hour for twitter to decide I am not allowed to send anymore tweets. Now if I want to get Twitter followers I have to rely on other services as it doesn’t look like I can grow it naturally the way I used to anymore. How ridiculous! I tweet constantly and never have had any “daily limit” problems. I can’t stop thinking about it! That just goes against all the encouragement for everyone’s voice to be heard. Whatever happened to that? Why does everyone have to be a snowflake these days. Oh well, Twitter, I might have to sign out and take up where I left off on another social media site. By reading up on the best websites to buy followers on Studybreaks and similar pages, I can decide the best way to gain followers on other platforms and get my point across. It would probably be Instagram seeing as this is now one of the most popular social media platforms these days. Especially as I have recently heard you can get specialised tools for Instagram like https://growthoid.com, I might get even MORE followers on there! I’ll have to see if I can’t start the hashtag trend on my Instagram account and let you know. Meanwhile, take up the fight for me on twitter, don’t let it collapse!

Twitter Censors Me From Sending #opStopTheBullShit Tweets

Again, go ahead pickup the torch for me :) #opStopTheBullshit


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