Oil And Gas Leaks From Cracks In Seabed Confirmed – Videos Show Gulf Oil Spill Leaking From Seafloor


There have been several reports of oil and gas leaking on the cracks in the Gulf of Mexico seafloor which may cause problems with BP capping the gushing oil well.

Although BP denies that there is oil or gas leaking from the cracks in the sea floor many people watching the BP Oil leak cam have witnessed explosions and leaks from the seafloor.

I discussed this issue in detail when I was recently interviewed by Fintan Dunne.

Well those reports from Senator Nelson and Matt Simmons among other experts are now confirmed and if you didn’t already now it could be really bad news.

As Keith Olbermann put it on his MSNBC show “Countdown” when reporting about the possibility of the sea floor leaking “What’s Worse Than Doomsay? … This is It”.

In any case, BP denying these reports is absolute proof that BP is not being truthful about what is really going on the sea floor.

The Government really needs to step in at this point and allow independent outsiders such as James Cameron assess the situation on the Gulf of Mexico sea floor.

This also indicates BP is putting on a pony show until the relief wells can be completed.

However several experts including Matt Simmons and Dr. Stephen A. Rinehart have came forward and said if the well casing is blown because we do indeed have leaks coming from cracks in the sea bed it could cause problems with the relief wells.

They warn that leaks in the seafloor from broken well casing could allow cement from the relief well to escape from the damaged well casing which would prevent the cement from curing.

According to Business Week and several other sources experts have also warned that the relief wells could take until December to complete and that doesn’t even factor blown well casing into the time line.

The US government cannot allow BP to waste time leaving this well leaking until December only to find out that the relief wells won’t work because BP has been lying about the integrity of the well casing the entire time.

Watch! Video of oil leak coming from cracks in a rock on the seafloor

Watch the leak at about 0:26 in slow motion

The you tube video above seems to skip several frames giving the appearance that the leak could be silt being kicked up by thruster kick.

Watching this video in slow motion you can clearly see that this is not thruster kick and that the source is cracks on the sea floor.

Slow motion loop of first few seconds

Here is a video looping the first few seconds of the video showing the leak shooting out of the cracks.

Again this shows this is not silt being kicked up by the ROV thruster.

Blobs of Oil at 2:47 in the video


The Larger Release Of Oil At 0:26


Screen shots of oil leaking from a rock taken from video above.


ROV investigates methane bubbles and globs of oil leaking from sea floor 272 feet from the BOP Leak

BP investigates possible oil cloud 1847.38 feet away from the main leak

Narrated Video of ROV Filming Different Oil Seeps From Seafloor

More narrated ROV footage filming oil leaking from the sea floor, Note this videos starts off slow but watch the whole thing.

If you have videos or images of possible leaks of oil or gas from the sea floor please post a comment with a link to media so I can add them to this post.


Source: Looks like the ROV passed through a curtain of oil bubbles….but it was not the riser…222

Even members of “The Oil Drum” are now acknowledging the leaks of oil and gas coming from the sea floor.


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