Offshore Drilling Cause of 3,000 Dead Dolphins On Peru’s Beaches?

Offshore oil drilling appears to be the culprit behind thousands of dead dolphins washing up on the shores of Peru.

Business Insider
May 9th, 2012
3,000 Dead Dolphins Have Wash Up On Peru’s Beaches — And Oil Exploration Could Be The Culprit

Locals in Peru have been left confused after just 3,000 dead dolphins washed up on one stretch of Peruvian coastline, according to reports in the country’s media.Sure, dolphins do wash up on sure all the time, but this number is way above average.

Fingers are being pointed at one culprit — oil exploration.

Peruvian biologist Carlos Yaipen of the Scientific Organization for Conservation of Aquatic Animals argues to sonar or acoustic sensing, used to explore for oil, seems to be causing bubbles of nitrogen in the bloodstream and vital organs of aquatic mammals — a condition also known as “the bends” amongst deep sea divers.

Studies have discovered this unpleasant side affect before, and according to Offshore Magazine, one Houston-based oil company BPZ Energy has been looking for oil off the coast for over a year.

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