Obama Wants To Jail You For Crimes You Will Commit In The Future

Obama-Justifies-FEMA-imprisonment-of-civilians- (2)

Obama calls for the power to put civilians in prolonged preventative detention to prevent crimes the government knows they’ll commit in the future.

Rachel Maddow tears apart Obama’s for call for the establishment of ‘a new legal regime’ that he claims is within ‘the rule of law.’

The new legal regime will give the government to declare certain people will one day commit a crime in the future and place them in prolonged preventative detention to prevent them from committing those crimes.

Just watch as he argues We know that certain people will one day commit certain crimes. We need to establish a new legal regime to place these people in prolonged preventative detention so that they don’t commit those crimes.

To be clear, Obama is calling for the government to be given the power to declare people will one day commit a crime and for the power to lock those people in jail – no lawyer, no charges, no trial-  and just throw away the key to prevent them from one day committing those crimes in the future.

Just watch…


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