[Nuke Worker Shortage] Worker Left Integral Dosimeter In The Bus On Purpose

[Nuke Worker Shortage] Worker Left Integral Dosimeter In The Bus On Purpose

As TEPCO has repeatedly boasted of mystifying low radiation dosages of Fukushima workers details emerge explaining the mystery.

Unlike Chernobyl, supply of nuclear worker is very limited in Japan. Tepco and the sub-contract companies are having a difficulty to collect nuclear workers. (cf. Fukushima worker “Human-wave tactics will be needed, problem is if they can collect human workers”)
To make each nuclear worker do their job longer than the safety limit, sub-contract companies criminally order some of the nuclear workers to shield their APD (integral dosimeter) with lead case so they look like they were not exposed overly. (cf. Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low)

Meanwhile Tepco, which has now been bailed out and nationalized by the Japanese government effectively putting the financial burden of the disaster on the Japanese taxpayer, is pushing the responsibility to their sub-contractors companies but has no solution for the shortage of nuclear workers yet.

After only 2 weeks interval another problem came up as a subcontractors who was not shielding his radiation dosimeters with lead has confessed to not even wearing it – instead leaving it in the bus – to manipulate the integral dose.

The worker is reported by TEPCO to be a male worker in 20s on assignment to arrange pipes on the South West side of reactor4 from 7AM to 11AM along with 3 other workers.

This report, of course follows revelations that Fukushima workers were ordered to cover their radiation dosemeters with a lead shield so they would show an obviously much lower radiation dose.

TEPCO has pointed their finger over that incident at their prime contractor, TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC, which is the same company involved with the latest scandal.


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