North Atlantic Terrorist Organization Murders Gadhafi’s Son And 3 Grandchildren


NATO, or the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, murders Gadhafi’s son and 3 grandchildren by bombing a family party at the home of Gadhafi’s son in a residential upscale neighborhood.


  • A NATO commander says that “we do not target individuals”, while bombs were dropped directly on the house of Gadhafi’s son in a residential neighborhood during a family gathering.
  • CNN calls Libya’s call for peaceful negotiation following the bombing as vowing revenge”
  • A Libyan spokesman calls the strike, which also killed several children, a “war crime”
  • Moammar Gadhafi and his wife were in the house at the time but are in good health

The Libyan government called the air strike a direct attempt to assassinate Gadhafi and an international war crime.

Quoting Libyan Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim who gave a press conference on state TV following the attacks, who said the incident which killed Sayf al-Arab Gaddafi

“We ask the world to look into this carefully because what we have now is the law of the jungle,” he said.

“How is this helping in the protection of civilians? Mr Saif al-Arab was a civilian, a student… He was playing and talking to his father and mother and his nieces and nephews and other visitors when he was attacked and killed for no crime he committed.”

The airstrike was “a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. This is not permitted by international law […] If people claim they want to protect civilians, we have declared again and again that we are read for negotiations, ready for road maps to peace, ready for political transitional periods, ready for elections, ready for referendums.”

NATO does not care to test our promises, does not care to test our statements. They only care to rob us of freedom, our wealth which is oil, and our right to decide our future as Libyans.

Nato responded to the claims with a round of double speak.

A Nato air strike in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, has killed the son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a government spokesman has said.

Colonel Gaddafi himself was in the large residential villa which was hit by the strike, the spokesman added, but was unharmed.

His son Saif al-Arab was said to be dead, as well as three grandchildren.

Nato has confirmed the air strike, without denying or confirming the reported deaths.

A Nato spokesman said the strike had hit a “known command-and-control building in the Bab al-Azizya neighbourhood”.

“All Nato’s targets are military in nature… We do not target individuals,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard.

He said that he was aware of reports that members of Col Gaddafi’s family had been killed, but made no further comment.

“We regret all loss of life, especially the innocent civilians being harmed as a result of the ongoing conflict,” said Lt-Gen Bouchard.

Source: BBC

North Atlantic Terrorist Organization Murders Gadhafis Son and 3 Grandchildren
However the NATO claims that was an attack on a Command and control center is absurd. As the BBC notes in same piece quoting the garbage statement from the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization the air strike murdered Gadhafi’s son who had no ties to the government and in fact was a student studying abroad in Germany who just very recently returned home to Libya.


Journalists taken to the site of the air strike said the building was extensively damaged and one unexploded bomb remains at the site.

Saif al-Arab, who had a lower profile than his brother Saif al-Islam, had been studying in Germany and returned to Libya recently.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the villa in which he was killed was attacked “with full power”.


Even the BBC sidebar describing the scene of the western terrorist attack notes there was a family gathering at the scene not a command and control center as NATO claims.

Earlier this evening we heard three enormous explosions to the west of the city. Normally we are taken to the bomb sites within an hour, but tonight there were a lot of concerned faces around the hotel, a lot of whispering and secrecy.

Two hours later we were eventually brought to the villa, which was surrounded by reinforced concrete, cameras, and military positions. This is clearly an exclusive neighbourhood. Inside, total destruction.

There were signs there had been a family gathering. There were no bodies in the house, they had been removed, and we are reliant on the government’s account of what happened.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have escaped unscathed, though according to the government spokesman the Libyan leader and his wife were present and are safe and well. But there’s no independent evidence they were there.

As the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization continues its campaign of murder and terror the government of Libya has repeatedly asked for a cease-fire with NATO and the revels to negotiate a peace deal as the BBC further reports:

‘Violating human rights’

Saturday’s strike came less than a day after a speech by his father was broadcast on state TV, in which Col Gaddafi called for a ceasefire and negotiations.

During his speech the Libyan government reported a Nato air attack on a complex that includes the state TV building, which it said was also designed to kill Col Gaddafi.

Several air strikes against Col Gaddafi’s sprawling Bab al-Aziziya compound have been reported recently.

So the situation here is Gadhafi is on state TV asking for a cease-fire and the Libya government is saying the are willing to hold open elections and transition to a new government. Apparently, the western allies don’t want this news getting out so they bomb the TV station to prevent Gadhafi from requesting negotiations and a cease-fire. Meanwhile western media plays the war drum that there is no end in sight to the war in Libya and a stalemate is feared and what is liking going to become part of a perpetual war. All of this in the name of peace and while we are supposedly over there protecting civilians we are now bombing residential neighborhoods and targeting homes with woman and children at family gatherings.

Our corporate media news outlets, which so many of us trust to be the only truthful and reliable source of news, continues to expose their role as a nothing more than a mouthpiece the government propaganda machine.

For example, in the last attack on military targets by our dear NATO, trying to assassinate Gadhafi, which again is a clear violation of international war crimes law, a disabled children’s hospital was blown to pieces.

Libya disabled children school hit in NATO strike

Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:08pm GM

TRIPOLI, April 30 (Reuters) – Shattered glass litters the carpet at the Libyan Down’s Syndrome Society, and dust covers pictures of grinning children that adorn the hallway, thrown into darkness by a NATO strike early on Saturday.

It was unclear what the target of the strike was, though Libyan officials said it was Muammar Gaddafi himself, who was giving a live television address at the time.

Source: Reuters

So go ahead CNN and the rest of the corporate media, keep printing lies echoing nothing more that false government propaganda. It is no wonder that corporate news viewership continues to tank online, offline and on TV while alternative news outlets continue to explode.

Needless to say CNN goes in a bout of Newspeak out of 1984 to call the Libyan press conference and call for a peaceful ceasefire negotiation a rally against the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Ibrahim said several of Moammar Gadhafi’s grandchildren also died in the attack.

The house in Tripoli was destroyed by the strike, with a massive crater where the house used to be. At least one unexploded bomb could be seen.

The building was in a residential area of Tripoli, according to Ibrahim, who insisted that Saif al-Arab Gadhafi was a student in Germany who was not deeply involved in Libya’s military and government. The 29-year-old was the sixth of Gadhafi’s eight biological children.

Ibrahim railed against NATO after the fatal strike, calling it an illegal act and a “war crime.” He vowed revenge.

Speaking at a rally, Ibrahim told fellow Libyans, “Every one of you are Saif al-Arab.”


Seriously, watch the press conference on the BBC link yourself and see how CNN is twisting this story for yourself. CNN is doing a wonderful job here of victimizing the victims. Look they are vowing revenge and using the death as a call to martyrdom when my own ears tell me they want the violence to end and are begging to NATO to stop bombing them and work out a peace plan and a road map to a transitional government.

CNN repeats the garbage from NATO saying the regret all lost of lives. But do they really? If that is the case why are they dropping bombs on a civilian party were family members are meeting up in an upscale residential neighborhood?

“We regret all loss of life, especially the innocent civilians being harmed as a result of this ongoing conflict,” Bouchard said. “NATO is fulfilling its U.N. mandate to stop and prevent attacks against civilians with precision and care — unlike Gadhafi’s forces, which are causing so much suffering.”

The NATO commander stated that all targets “are military in nature and have been clearly linked to the Gadhafi regime’s systemic attacks on the Libyan population … We do not target individuals.”

Military targets in nature? Bombing Gadhafi’s son’s home with women and children in it and CNN prints this garbage “We do not target individuals”. Horse shit! Even in IRAQ they went on a massive manhunt and killing off Saddam Hussein’s family members and the are do the same thing here.

CNN also notes that the son who was killed was hit by American bombs in 1986 in yet another bombing raid on residential area.

This is not the first time that Moammar Gadhafi reportedly has been at the site of an airstrike that killed one of his children.

In April 1986, U.S. forces launched an airstrike that targeted Moammar Gadhafi’s residential compound. As a result, the Libyan leader’s adopted daughter, Hanna Gadhafi, was killed.

Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, then just 3 years old, was hospitalized after suffering injuries in that strike, Libyan officials then said. Video shows what Libyan officials claimed were him and his brother Khamis, though both boys were heavily bandaged and their faces were not clearly visible.

At the time, President Ronald Reagan told the American people the bombings were an act of self-defense following the bombing of a West Berlin club that killed two American servicemen and injured several others.


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