NATGEO Dirty Bomb Special Exposes Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Cover Up

NATGEO Dirty Bomb Special Exposes Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Cover Up

A National Geographic special produced in 2009 depicting the proper response to nuclear fallout from a dirty bomb reveals government cover up of Fukushima radiation.

Last night NATGEO ran their special depicting a hypothetical dirty bomb being detonated and the proper government response to the radioactive fallout.

The special outlined the initial blast and presented a timeline depicting a real world scenario of how different agencies, officials and organizations would respond at each phase following the onset of the nuclear fallout.

It’s a worst-nightmare scenario: A dirty bomb explodes on a crowded city street. What happens to the bystanders as a radioactive cloud fills the air, and how does a city cope with such a disaster? With the help of Homeland Security and the National Guard, we’ll break down what happens in the minutes, hours, days and even years following a dirty bomb explosion. NGC’s simulation of a nuclear assault in Portland, Maine, offers a round-the-clock glimpse into the terrifying situation as authorities work to contain the situation.

The show included interviews with officials from various agencies including the Department of Homelands Security and National Guard, as well as doctors, lawyers and other professionals who gave oratories explaining what was being done at each phase and why it was necessary.

Also included were various explanations of different types of radiation exposure, such as internal versus external and the different kinds of radioactive waves, nuclear fallout plume modeling, and methods used to decontaminate radioactive contamination and treat internal exposures of various radioactive substances.

As I watched I compared the depicted proper response in the show to the actual government response to the Fukushima nuclear fallout and was just shocked in disbelief the extent of the cover up and failure to follow planned proper procedures.

Undoubtedly Fukushima fallout should not have only been treated as that of a dirty bomb, but as a continuous dirty bomb that released radioactive fallout for an extended period of time.

From the show here are some egregious deviations from the proper government response procedures that not only were not followed but in most cases actual actions taken were the exact opposite of the proper procedure.

Containing and decontaminating the fallout to prevent an already horrible situation from become worse.

In the hypothetical scenario the first thing officials did was work to contain the situation. The city was immediately placed on lockdown and residents attempting to flee found the roads had been shutdown because they had already been contaminated and so had their cars. Likewise, all flights, trains, boats and other traffic in and out of the city were suspended immediately. While the city was placed on lock down radioactive fallout was hunted down by teams who work to decontaminate areas affected by the radioactive fallout. Similarly, citizens were sealed in their apartments under a ‘shelter in place order’ as authorities kept in constant contact with locked down citizens worked to evacuate the citizens in an orderly fashion in which each they were properly decontaminated as part of the evacuation.

In Fukushima and the surrounding prefectures we of course saw no such thing. Likewise in the United States officials did nothing to track down isolate and decontaminate the nuclear fallout. Instead authorities pushed the propaganda that everything was fine and there was no need to worry, no cause for concern. Travel by continued as did plane flights, rail and boat shipments which only further spread radioactive contamination. Exports and imports continued under normal business as usual procedures and only later did sparse scanning of shipments begin to be implemented.

Avoiding internal radiation exposure at all costs.

The special did a fairly decent job of explaining the difference of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation exposure pointing out that for the most part Gamma radiation is the most dangerous due to its ability to travel over distances and penetrate thick materials. I explains that as Gamma radiation penetrates through the body trace levels of radiation may be left inside of it. It then explains that Alpha radiation is really the most dangerous but luckily the alpha waves do not travel far and are easily blocked by a piece of paper or even the human skin. This all changes once the alpha emitters contaminate the body and the hot particles attach directly to bones and organ tissues. Once this occurs the radioactivity continually destroys the skin tissue leading to a variety of serious medical conditions, including cancer, radiation sickness and the destruction of the bodies immune system.

The show explained why it was important for personal on the ground to work with other agencies to track and identify radioactive contamination and disseminate this to the public in a timely and transparent manner. For example, the Lawrence Livermore National lab are responsible for plume modeling and are charged with disseminating their models to the public. The lab is supposed to work with teams on the ground to immediately confirm or correct their computer simulations. This information is supposed to then be relayed to through public channels to agencies responsible for decontamination and medical personal so they can take steps to protect the health of the public.

As many know, Iodine supplements can be taken to stop radioactive iodine from accumulating in the body. However most don’t know that medical personnel can use Prussian Blue to cleanse the body of harmful radioactive Cesium 137 that may have deposited in tissues and bones within the body. Additionally, the special shows the use of another treatment to cleanse the body of harmful alpha emitting Americium.

With Fukushima we saw government officials simply issue blanket statements that everything is fine. Official radiation and plume modeling data was withheld from the public outright. Months later Japan has releases limited snapshots of their plume models and has even admitted to outright destroying SPEEDI fallout data over concerns it would cause the public to panic. The United Stat, governments worldwide and even official international organizations that are supposedly free from the political influence of governments and the nuclear industry have not released fallout models. Medical officials were not alerted as per proper procedure and there has been no such efforts to locate and decontaminate radioactive fallout in the United States, Canada or other nations hit by the fallout. Even in Japan decontamination were slow to be implemented and even now are only being done in an adhoc manner. In these cases it is often only after public outcry causes independent scientists to confirm contamination. Even then it takes months for the government to acknowledge such contamination and decide if and how they will deal with it.

Instead of working to prevent the internal radioactive exposure of its citizens, Japan has raised the so-called safety levels of radiation allowed in foods to levels that were considered to be nuclear waster requiring special disposal procedures prior to Fukushima. While that sounds horrific, at least Japan is conducting tests of radiation and water which is much more than can be said for the United States which suspended its testing. Coincidentally, despite prior promises to continually monitor fallout in the US radiation monitoring was halted soon after levels spiked in rainwater to several times higher than EPA allowed levels and radioactive contamination was detective in milk. Around the same time US officials issued a blanket statement declaring Pacific Ocean seafood to be safe declaring there was no need to test it. Nearly a year later scientists have found Fukushima radiation in the Pacific fish as well as fruits and vegetables grown on the west coast. As opposed to the NATGEO special, discoveries of radioactive fallout in soil have not been decontaminated by the government. Instead it has been ignored. In the United States millions of Americans unknowingly were exposed to the radioactive fallout. High levels were detected in the rain and scientists have confirmed radioactive isotopes including cesium in food being sold to the public off store shelves. Official government policy was simply to shutdown monitoring. The official government policy still is to pretend as if there was no radioactive fallout.

The entire episode sheds much more light on the cover up of the Fukushima nuclear fallout.

If I can find the full video the episode online I will post it here but until then here are two clips from the show that National Geographic has made available online:
Dirty Bomb Attack – Post-Blast Decontamination

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