Mystery Radioactive Black Substance Now Spreads Across All Of Kanto Japan

The radioactive black substance that keeps appearing in places across Japan is now being found across all of the Kanto area.

The latest update on the mystery radioactive black substance in Japan comes from the Fukushima Diary who is reporting the substance is now being found all over the Kanto Area.

Black substance is covering all the Kanto area

Black substance (cyanobacteria) is spreading all over Kanto area.

The very similar substance was found in Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot.

↓ It looks like mixture of lichens and dried soil.



The person who found this has been having health problem, burn on finger (for 3 months) and the bruise on thighs (for 9 months).

The black circle on the left bottom of the picture is the size of the bruise back in July. It’s growing.


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