Mystery Illness Confirmed By Doctor In Louisiana, BP Cover Up?


The Intel Hub

By Alex Thomas
April 21st, 2011

A mystery illness that has plagued citizens in the Gulf of Mexico has now been confirmed by Dr. Mike Robichaux, a doctor based out of Raceland, Louisiana.

“What’s been really unique about it is that patients have come in with a severe amount of memory loss. Very high blood pressure — blood pressures that are going sky high and then coming down to normal, and then blood sugar levels that are fluctuating. Lastly would be some pulmonary problems and some fairly serious (gastrointestinal) problems,” Robichaux told CNN on Thursday.

This comes four days after Michelle Jones, reporting for The Intel Hub, released an article on the mystery illnesses in the gulf, documenting at least three clear cut cases of citizens and former BP workers who have been sickened due to the BP oil spill.

Dr. Mike Robichaux reported that he has treated at least 60 patients and that many more are likely suffering from this mystery illness.

Instead of covering this startling development, most corporate media outlets and newspapers have opted to report the more friendly, tourists need to come back type of information.

Without courageous doctors like Dr. Robichaux, the fact that a large chunk of Louisiana citizens are suffering from a mystery illness would be labled just another conspiracy theory by those “crazy” extremists in the alternative media.

The fact that millions of gallons of toxic Corexit was sprayed throughout the Gulf of Mexico seems to have caught up to the victims of the large scale dispersant operation that was carried about by BP and the Coast Guard.



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