MSM Silent – US No Longer Claims Russia Hacked Podesta Emails

Despite media reports last weeks in which the US State Dept warned Russian hackers gave WikiLeaks the Podesta Emails to release to interfere with the Election, US State Dept is no longer accusing Russia of the hacks or even that the emails came from Russia.


Last week the US State Department called for a strong response to the hacking of John Podesta’s emails which are now being released by WikiLeaks as part of a scheme to interfere with the US elections.

A State Department official called for a “strong” U.S. response to Russian hacking of Democratic Party organizations on Thursday and urged the administration to name names and clearly convey that manipulating U.S. elections won’t go unpunished.

Kavalec, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. She said the U.S. response must send a “clear message” and “assign responsibility,” in addition to making clear that “we won’t tolerate future intrusions.”

The claim was even used by Hillary Clinton to push the false narrative of a Putin Trump Bromance during the third Presidential Debate, which newly released emails show as a plot contrived by the Clinton Campaign many months ago.

Now the US State department is backing away from the claim and when pressed by reporters the official statement is the United States is no longer accusing Russia or accusing Russia of being involved with giving the emails to WikiLeaks.

Watch: MSM Silent – US No Longer Claims Russia Hacked Podesta Emails

In the press briefing, the State Department acknowledges others are making the accusations but the response simply is the United States State Department is no longer making the accusation at this time.

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