Mitt Romney “We’ll Get Rid Of Funding For Planned Parenthood”

CNBC interviewed GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney today during which he affirmed his campaign pledge to end all financial support of Planned Parent.

The DailyKos reported previously on Romney’s position.

People are justifiably outraged about the decision by the Susan Komen Foundation to eliminate all financial support of Planned Parenthood. No doubt there are many moderate Republican women who share in the anger and will stop donating to Komen. I can guess that many of these women support the Mitt Romney since he seems like the more “moderate” Republican candidate. That’s why they need to be reminded that Mittens shares Komen’s radical right-wing agenda with respect to women’s health.

As president, I will end federal funding for abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood. I will protect a health care worker’s right to follow their conscience in their work. And I will nominate judges who know the difference between personal opinion and the law. It is long past time for the Supreme Court to return the issue of abortion back to the states, by overturning Roe v. Wade. – Romney’s speech at the Value Voters Conference, October 8, 2011

Now some people may claim that Romney doesn’t really believe these radical positions, and he’s just pretending so that he can win the nomination. And it’s true, Romney has been on all sides of so many issues that it’s impossible to know what he really believes, if anything at all.


Source: The DailyKos

Today on CNBC Mitt Romney re-asserted his campaign promise that he’ll get rid of all financial support for Planned Parenthood.


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