Media Outraged – MLK III Meets With Trump – “It’s Insanity We Have Poor People In This Nation!”

After speaking with Donald Trump, MLK III denounced leading questions from the media that invoked his father’s name to push a false partisan political narrative.

The corporate media was infuriated with the oldest son of civil rights hero Doctor Martin Luther King after he refused to bite on several leading questions to the media was banking on Martin Luther King, III providing a negative response to they could use attack President-elect Donald Trump.

Instead MLK III made his position clear several times that the his conversation with Trump was constructive and positive and he looked forward with working together with Trump to make progress on the issues they spoke about.

The media insisted on leading MLK III with partisan attacks which MLK III repeatedly deflected before finally deciding to end the interview short and blasted the media in doing so by proclaiming “It’s Insanity We Have Poor People In This Nation!” after referring to America’s mutli-trillion dollar economy that under-privileged homeless people don’t get to enjoy while the media obsesses over fabricated partisan attacks such as the questions they were throwing at Martin Luther King, III in the name of his father.

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