Media Blackout After Cops Admit Shooting All 9 Bystanders In Empire State Building Shooting

Media Blackout After Cops Admit Shooting All 9 Bystanders In Empire State Building Shooting


The Empire State Building shooting dominated media headlines while it could be used to push gun control and domestic terrorist propaganda.

The Empire State Building Shooting story was all over the TV being pushed with all the sensationalism as the Aurora shooting.

The headlines of 9 being injured in a mass shooting immediately drew talking heads to push the typical everyone is a terrorist and we need more gun control talking points.

Then came the revelation that this wasn’t even a mass shooting at all.

Warning Graphic: Here is the video showing the police killing the gunman

Notice how much you want to watch the spectacle? That’s the programming, that’s the feeling of programming, wanting to watch the spectacle. Mainstream media provides entertainment so you forget that mainstream media is actually covering up a crime and we focus on the spectacle (and compared to crimes like Fukushima, this is barely a drop in the bucket.) We’ve all been programmed from birth and it’s extremely difficult to break and re-learn. They’re putting stuff in the food and water but I have no proof because I don’t have the money to do a legitimate study. Although, most major cities in the US recycle sewage water into drinking water which does not filter pharmaceuticals such as Prozac for example which is just scratching the surface when you think about the implications on peoples health.

Instead the NYPD admitted that all 9 innocent bystanders were shot by police.

All Bystanders Shot Outside Empire State Building Were Hit By Police Fire

—A 56-year-old gunman on Friday morning shot and killed a former coworker outside the Empire State Building, before then being shot and killed by police. Nine bystanders were injured when police opened fire to take out the gunman. It remains unclear if the wounded were struck by shots fired by the gunman or police, but all of the bystanders are currently expected to live. We’ll continue to update with any major developments.

UPDATE #10: All nine people who suffered gunshot wounds outside the Empire State Buiding Friday morning were hit by police gunfire, Police Commsisione Raymond W. Kelly said Saturday. Citing ballistics evidence, Kelly said that it looks like three of the nine bystanders were hit with bullets, while the rest were “struck with fragments of some sort,” reports the New York Times. Three of the victims remained hospitalized Saturday but were in stable condition.

Video released late Friday (embedded below) shows how the police officers opened fire on Jeffrey Johnson as soon as he pointed a .45-caliber pistol at them on the sidewalk. One officer fired seven times, the other nine times. Neither had ever fired their weapon on patrol before, reports the Associated Press. Although witnesses had initially said Johnson had fired at the officers, Kelly said it looks like he never fired his gun after shooting and killing a former colleague.

Source: Slate

So what happened? Why the sudden media blackout?

Clearly, one must suspect that media certainly doesn’t want to shed a bad light on the police.

Continuing to cover the story would also force the corporate media outlets to redact and correct repeated incorrect speculation that they passed of as fact.

As Urban Survival notes:

The Other kind of Gun Control

Since it’s a quiet morning (ex-housing data), I forgot to mention that the silence (to the point of misleading the public) on the shootout at the Empire State Building last week has been amazing.

In case you slept through the detail-level, you’ll remember a lone gunman, walked into a business, shot a former co-worker and then left.

Outside, police became involved and shots were fired resulting in 9-people being shot – all apparently by police gunfire.

The critical public policy question – unasked by the MainStreamMedia – is who is more dangerous when armed?

Perhaps even more embarrassing would be the need to issue apologies for taking advantage of a crisis that wasn’t to push propaganda talking points as if they were following a pre-prepared script that handlers have issued to be followed in the case of scenarios.

This is typical of a parrot media that does little more than act as stenographers for the government to trick the public into accepting public policy that is in no way in the best interests of the public.

Make no mistake, Hitler’s right hand was an iron fist and it came in the form of Nazi Gun Control.

The media’s actions here are eerily similar to the game plan outlined by Russian intelligence services to mass manipulate information on social networks and across the blogosphere.

Best avoid the egg on the face by letting this one die silently.


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