Massive Spike in US Air Traffic Due To NDAA Drone Deployment?


Myself an others are seeing a massive uptick in air traffic and reports of this are coming in from all across the nation. Is the NDAA drone deployment to blame?

I am personally seeing an unusual amount of air traffic near my house (photos and videos below). In addition to pictures of the numerous c130s I have posted online I have also nearly non-stop flights of single and double propeller small air craft, blimps, and groups of helicopters flying very low around my neighborhood.

Others are also reporting massive uptick in air traffic nationwide. It is very possible it is due to pilot testing for the massive NDAA drone deployment.

The legislation passed earlier this year called for testing of automated air traffic and evasion capabilities to be built into the drones. The FAA is required to test these plans and outline and implementation plan to deploy over 30,000 automated drones into US airspace over the next few years.

For more on that see:

NDAA Trojan Unleashed – Massive Military Drone Deployment In U.S. Airspace

Despite promises the 2012 NDAA did not apply to military operations on U.S. soil or against American Citizens, a massive military drone deployment into U.S airspace has been approved by Congress.

Despite all of the concerns regarding the language of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for fiscal year 2012 our beloved politicians once again turned a deaf to the American people and the atrocious bill was pushed into law.

We now learn that of the NDAA is being interpreted as authorization to deploy military drones (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) into United States airspace in the latest escalation of U.S. military actions in the War of Terror. To support the deployment a massive overhaul of the FAA control system is underway.

The Congressional Record makes it clear the act will deploy military drones controlled by NASA and the DOJ under authorization contained with the 2012 NDAA. The deployment of the military drones will be rolled out following the establishment test ranges to develop the system needed to integrate military drones into the U.S Airspace System.

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Here is a sample of what I have documented over my house.

Note I am not outside all the time. These are just things I have videotaped or recorded during the random times I go outside to smoke a cigarette because I don’t smoke in my house.

Also, apologies for the crappy footage and lack of zoom.

In addition to the civilian aircraft there has also been military aircraft including entire groups of Chinooks and Fighter Jets.

Some of my Flickr Uploads

I have uploaded these to my Flickr account.

Military c-130 jet flying over my house and out over the Atlantic toward the middle east. Haven’t seen them at all until the last few weeks. Now they fly in groups everyday.


Do I even have to explain?


Twin prop aircraft been flying overhead all day

Twin prop been flying overhead all day

More aircraft flying over my house


C-130s second one in same number of minutes. 3rd one overhead right now.


Another c-130 between the tree and the flag pole


What are you seeing? Let me know!

Post a comment, because everyone I talk says they are seeing similar things.

Family members report hearing constant booms near a military base and have also seen the spy blimp. Others report more and more activity near them.

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