Massive Censorship As Media Pushes False Narrative On Mid East Riots

Massive Censorship As Media Pushes False Narrative On Mid East Riots

A false corporate media narrative and massive censorship follows globe spanning riots following the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya.

The riots following the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya have now spanned across the globe.

Yet you would be hard pressed to turn on your television and hear anything else beside the false narrative the corporate media is pushing which was clearly outlined in government press releases handed to them by the secret police.

While some may lash out at implying censorship by the secret police an objective look at the TV news reports clearly reveals an echo chamber of strategically outlined talking points.

Indeed the echo chamber’s scripted narrative is often in direct contradiction to numerous reports from credible online corporate news sources.

For starters does every TV news headline refer to riots or unrest in the Middle East when the truth is these riots never even originated in the Middle East and since they broke out in North Africa they have spread across southern Asia and into Europe.


While this propagandist aspect the censorship campaign may seem trivial to some it is noteworthy to point out because it demonstrates a clear lack of objectivity in among the corporate media news sources.

In the most simplistic of terms the term “Middle East” continues to be used despite the lack of a factual basis for doing so because the years of propaganda have warped the psyche of massive into cognitively associating the term “Middle East” with “terrorists who hate us for our freedom and want to destroy our way of life.”

In the past this has been effective tactic to desensitize public to the war crimes we continue to commit in our illegal perpetual overseas wars.

Simply put the public doesn’t care about said terrorists hence creating a general sense of apathy which drowns out any conscionable objects to those war crimes.

While these wars are being waged simply for imperialistic reasons, such as gain control of global oil supplies, the corporate media instead has us believe our actions overseas are necessary so the safety of the public can be protected from the bogeyman.

Hence the use of the term Middle East to describe what truly is Global unrest is telling once we consider the propagandist aspects of the terms thus revealing the motives behind the pushing of a false scripted narrative to explain the events to the television viewer.

As the unrest spreads into its fourth day the viewer still has not been presented with a single interview with protestors on the ground conducted by the media.

Instead the viewer is simply presented with experts and other talking heads discussing familiar talking points as record video footage is shown to the viewer who is then told what it is they are watching.

To be more correct, the viewer is told what it is the news outlet wants them to believe is happening.

Yet these same viewers will queue up stories from corporate news outlets on the Internet and be presented with an entirely different narrative of the events.

Anyone following the twists and turns in the ever changing narrative presented in media reports must be suffering a from cranial tailspin strong enough to cause subdural hematoma.

The reason for that is as the riots spread from the North African nations of Libya and Egypt and then across the Middle East into Europe and Asia the corporate media has been caught pushing one lie after the next.

As lie after lie is repeatedly debunked the overall context of the false narrative is still being pushed as the media continues to parrot government talking points.

At the same time there is a campaign of mass censorship occurring in an attempt to keep their story from falling apart.

There is coordinate effort underway meant to do little more than convince the public the terrorists hate Americans for their freedoms inline with the overall goal of manufacturing consent for the government to actions the public otherwise simply not accept.

We see repeated reports from long-considered credible news outlets citing high-level government officials and diplomats contradicting the official narrative that the unrest is in response to the move.

With each of those reports the reporters and their news outlets are soon after forced to redact their reports.

News sources that are not part of the inner-cabal of corporations that control the overwhelming majority of the mass media are targeted by forces working behind the shadows to control and censor opposition to the government manufactured false narrative.

Independence Citizen journalists are having their videos removed from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo who are additionally engaging in the blatant censorship of videos put out not only by the public but even by Middle East news organizations.

A story from the Lebanon Free Press stating the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was sodomized by his own Al Qaeda puppets has been censored.

Their video posted to Youtube which was embedded in this story has been removed from YouTube for violating “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive” guidelines.
The video was not spam. It clearly was not trying to scam anyone out of money and was not being used to commercially deceive consumers.

A well known citizen journalist known as Syria Girl has had repeated videos scrubbed from YouTube for reporting the truth about the crisis in the Middle East

In an attempt to circumvent the YouTube’s censorship she uploaded her videos to Vimeo where they drew the attention of the secret police as well after accumulating over 10,000 views in a very short period of time.

Sadly Vimeo followed in the footsteps of YouTube then scrubbed her reports as well.

Here’s her report on he censorship of her videos.
The Washington Examiner reported even reported on the Lynching of the US Ambassador and further cited sources originating from the AFP sources that the Ambassador was raped which of course contradict the corporate media’s scripted narrative.

The author was forced to redact the article and the AFP sources were forced to change their story.

More evidence contradicting the official narrative is being suppressed, ignored and even outright censored.

The media originally reported with good reason the attacks were planned before hand.

These reports again quoted several top level government officials and diplomatic sources backed up the claim.

The Obama administration immediately forced the media to get back on script claiming there was no such evidence.

Now the original reports from all of those officials are being ignored.

You need only ask a few critical questions about the official narrative to realize it is entirely false and the original reports were correct.

Who brings rocket propelled grenades to a protest and how did the body of someone who was killed by such an attack end up getting paraded around in the streets with obvious signs of being tortured? How did his body end back up inside the US embassy lying in an area completely scorched and yet show no signs of burns after, according to the scripted narrative, he died from smoke inhalation?

Further evidence the attack was in fact pre-planned is revealed in an exclusive put out by The Independent one of the UK’s largest and most respected newspapers .

Their article reveals the inside details about the assassination of the Ambassador the official narrative altogether ignores while holding no punches in their lede which states “America was warned and did nothing.”

The story goes onto reveal that the embassy staff came under mortar fire while evacuating.

So now the question becomes who brings RPG’s and heavy artillery to a spontaneous protest about a movie?

The story also details how as the embassy staff evacuated along a secret route to a secret safe house artillery shells continued to fall with stunning precision.

The indicates not only was the attacked planned but that some how the attackers had access to top secret intelligence that told gave them the exact path the evacuees would follow.

It also suggest the workings of a professional organization that had the ability to time how long it would take to travel exact distances along the route and then coordinate their artillery fire to hit those locations as the evacuees traveled.

This mortar fire clearly came from a third party actor away from the embassy because the mortar fire continued even as the embassy staff reached the supposedly secret safe house.

The Independent then goes on to report the supposedly secret safe house itself was then bombarded with heavy artillery fire.

In the after math of the crisis we are being told that the spontaneous protest that broke out in Libya was due to anger over an anti-Muslim film that doesn’t even exist.

What does exist is a trailer for the supposed movie which has been out on the Internet for 6 months now.

To claim that 6 months later people are going to start rioting is an absurd claim within itself but what is more absurd is the quickly changing narrative about the non-existent creators of the non-existent movie.

First the media claimed the creator was someone who didn’t exist. Then they revealed it was made by an Israeli Jew. Now somewhat conflicting reports blame it on a Coptic Christian and his counterparts in Egypt who reportedly translated it into Arabic. Now the FBI and the media are on a witch hunt to find those responsible for the movie as the public is being convinced that those who made the movie should be held accountable.

The question that needs to be asked is accountable for what? Isn’t this America the great nation of freedom where the Constitution protects both our Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Press? What right does an overbearing government have to conduct an illegal search and seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment to learn the identities of those who were doing nothing more than engaging in activities protected under the First Amendment?

Why does the media need to libel and slander those who did so?

Perhaps more importantly is why media continues to falsely blame one person after the next for making the movie?

This is more disturbing when you considered the media clearly knows that by revealing said identities the course of their witch-hunt those who are name are immediately targeted for death by violent Islamic Jihadist Extremists.

Why does the media not complete about repeated documentaries shown on channels such as History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery and numerous others that demonize other religions? How many times have they desecrated, demonized and slandered Jesus who, like his followers in the documentaries, are often portrayed as cultist conspiring against the Jews? How many documentaries go unquestioned debunking the bibles of Islam, Christianity and Judaism with no one saying a world? How many more hit pieces will come out exposing conspiracies of the Catholic Church throughout the ages?

No one complains because no matter how offensive or vial any of these shows or movies may be they are all clearly protected as Free Speech and Free Press. There is no witch-hunt for the creators because you can’t violate the Fourth Amendment to expose people engaging in activities protected by the First unless you want people to exercise the Second.

Again, this all points to nothing more than a hypocritical media following a scripted narrative outlined in government press releases being handed to them by the secret police.

Those who followed the situation in Libya know that the US and its NATO allies backed Islamic Jihadists to topple Gadaffi. These extremists were then basically given power over Libya after the government fell and they have been waging genocidal cleansing in the name of Saudi Arabia’s fundamentalist interpretation of Islam ever since.

This is the same situation that is happening in Syria right now were the west is covertly backing Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihadists to overthrow Assad. The Saudi Government indoctrinates extremists with their fundamentalist version of islam and exports this poisonous ideology to neighboring countries. The US and its allies use this army of fundamentalists , which includes Al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadists, as a covert foreign legion to push their imperialistic agenda overseas.

We saw this with the Egyptian revolution and the Libyan revolution. The ironic thing is the mercenary terrorist who are waging this jihad don’t even believe in revolution. Seriously, you can look up Salafi Jihadism yourself.

The same Islamic extremists the US used to topple governments in the middle east are the ones attacking embassies worldwide right now. The planned the attacks on the US embassies. The media originally reported on this but now this inconvenient fact is being censored by the secret police who have instructed the media to echo the Obama’s administrations false narrative claiming the attacks are in response to an anti-Muslim film.

Let’s suppose you take the corporate media’s redactions, claiming their diplomatic and government sources simply had their ‘facts wrong’ in the first place at face value.

Doing so you have to believe that the narrative being pushed that the attacks were spontaneous and there are several problems with the narrative itself.

For starters, just the signature of the attack itself shows premeditation. Are we supposed to believe people just happened to bring rocket propelled grenade to a protest? Then ther are the confirmed reports that Libya security forces simply stood down and allowed the attacks to happen. Don’t buy the lies for one second that Libya doesn’t have a government and proper security in place. This is a fabricated lie the media is spreading to support their narrative. Prior to the attack on the embassy, there is literally report after report of these same extremists waging their Jihad throughout Libya on orders of Libya officials on the first place. There are numerous accounts of genocidal slaughter occurring at mosques, shrines and graves were the Libya security forces not only stepped aside and allowed the attacks but cornered off the surrounding areas to prevent third parties from coming in and stopping the attacks.

More startling in the case of the murder of the US Ambassador is after the embassy was burnt to the ground the staff was evacuated to secret safe house. Yet while the Embassy staff was traveling to this safe house mortar fire reigned down with exact precision on the path to the safe house. Again, just like the presence of rocket propelled grenades at a protest makes no sense, neither does the presence of mortar fire. Furthermore the fact that distant mortar fire fell with exact precision along the path the embassy staff was secretly evacuating on shows the attackers had intelligence beforehand on were to send their mortar fire. Finally once this staff arrived at the supposedly secret safe house it to came under heavy mortar fire. Again, such attacks show there was intelligence and planning beforehand and coordination with forces located outside of the immediate area of the protests.

Now lets turn our attention to more information that is being censored. We were originally told the Ambassador was killed in an RPG attack on his car. This turned out to be a lie only which was exposed only after the Islamic extremists posted photos online showing his dead body being paraded around on the streets. Even with the media changing this part of the official narrative they are still claiming the Ambassador’s body was recovered inside the embassy were he was taken to a local hospital. Again the photos showing his bodies being paraded around discount this fact. Another startling development is several sources have stated the Ambassador was raped and sodomized prior to being murdered. Western media outlets who reported on this have been forced to redact their story. What is disturbing is that Middle Eastern media outlets who reported on this who are not under the control of the American Gestapo, and hence can’t be forced to redact the story, are simply having their stories censored.

The cover up of these facts by the media and the censorship of independent and contrarian reporting across several news sites can only be the work of the secret police. There is no other explanation for it.
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Locations of unrest at the time of this writing:

1 Jerusalem -”Hundreds hurl stones at officers in Jerusalem after Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque while protesters rallied against anti-Islam film,” reports Ynet News.
2 Bangladesh – “About 1,000 Bangladeshi Islamists tried to march on the U.S. embassy in Dhaka on Thursday to protest against a U.S. film that is said to insult the Prophet Mohammad but security forces stopped them reaching the mission,” reports Reuters.
3 Sanaa, Yemen – “In Sanaa, Yemen, the U.S. Embassy was overrun Thursday by protesters who stormed a wall, set fire to a building inside the compound, broke windows and carried away office supplies and other souvenirs before being dispersed by local security forces,” reports The Washington Post.
4 Cairo, Egypt – “In Cairo, clouds of tear gas floated through the fortified area around the U.S. Embassy as security forces clashed with protesters for the third straight day,” reports The Washington Post.
5 Tripoli, Libya – “The US dispatched an elite group of Marines to Tripoli on Wednesday after the mob attack that killed the US ambassador and three other Americans,”
reports the AP. ” Officials were investigating whether the rampage was a backlash to an anti-Islamic video with ties to Coptic Christians or a plot to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.”
6 Gaza Strip – “Palestinians on Friday protested an anti-Muslim film, with thousands gathering in the Gaza Strip and hundreds in Jerusalem where there were clashes with Israeli police,” reports Now Lebanon.
7 Jakarta, Indonesia – “In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, about 200 protesters in Jakarta chanted slogans and held up signs in a largely peaceful protest outside the heavily guarded U.S. Embassy,” reports the Associated Press.
8 Khartoum, Sudan – “Britain’s Foreign Office says police in Sudan are confronting a protest outside the British embassy in Khartoum,” reports the AP. Additionally, Reuters reports “Protesters pull down emblem at German embassy in Sudan, raise Islamic flag.” The Guardian is showing photographs of the German embassy on fire.
9 Kashmir – “Thousands of angry Kashmiri Muslims protested Friday against an anti-Islam film, burning U.S. flags and calling President Barack Obama a ‘terrorist,’ while the top government cleric here reportedly demanded Americans leave the volatile Indian-controlled region immediately,” reports the AP. “At least 15,000 people took part in more than two dozen protests across Kashmir, chanting ‘Down with America’ and ‘Down with Israel’ in some of the largest anti-American demonstrations against the film in Asia.”
10 Tripoli, Lebanon – “Hundreds of protesters set alight a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on Friday, witnesses said, chanting against the pope’s visit to Lebanon and shouting anti-American slogans,” reports Reuters. The news agency attributed the violence to the papal vist and the controversial film.
11 Benghazi, Libya – “Ansar al Sharia supporters protesting in front of Tibesty Hotel in Benghazi carrying black flags,” reports Al Jazeera via Twitter. “Maximum 50 pple.”
12 Tehran, Iran – “In Tehran, students gathered Thursday outside the Swiss Embassy, which represents U.S. interests in Iran, to protest the video,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “No violence was reported.”
13 Baghdad, Iraq – “In Iraq, reaction to the video clip has been limited to followers of Shiite groups linked to militias and neighboring Iran,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Several hundred followers of anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr held brief demonstrations in Baghdad’s Sadr City district, the southern oil city of Basra and other predominantly Shiite areas of the country, chanting ‘Death to America.’”
14 Islamabad, Pakistan – “The protesters in Islamabad said that the film should be banned across the world and the filmmakers should be severely punished,” reports Pakistan’s The Express Tribune. “They also demanded that the US should apologise for the film.”
15 Karachi, Pakistan – “JI Chief Munawar Hassan, addressing a protest rally in the Nazimabad area of Karachi, demanded that the US government ban the movie and also demanded the Interior ministry of Pakistan lodge a protest with the US ambassador,” reports the Express Tribune.
16 Lahore, Pakistan – “The rally in Lahore was organised by Tehreek-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool which was taken out from Green Chowk to Sohrab Khan, while the one in Multan was organised by Jamiat Talba Arbia and Shehri Mahaz. Protesters threw shoes at US and Israeli flags and set them on fire,” reports the Express Tribune.
17 Jalalabad, Afghanistan – “Hundreds of Afghans – some shouting ‘Death to America’ – have held a protest against an anti-Islam film in the eastern city of Jalalabad,” reports the AP.
18 Mogadishu, Somalia – “Thousands of Somali protesters have taken to the streets of capital Mogadishu to express their anger over the anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American in the United States,” reports Iran’s Press TV. “The demonstration in the Somali capital is being held to express anger against the film, which insults the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”
19 Tunisia – Protesters in Tunisia have set fire to an American school in the capital Tunis, according to Reuters. The New York Post reports that “Anti-American rioting spread yesterday to Tunisia, where police used tear gas to stop hundreds of protesters from storming the United States Embassy in protest over a film mocking the prophet Mohammed.”
20 Algeria – “In Algeria, the U.S. Embassy cautioned Americans to avoid its building and other official government buildings Wednesday afternoon, sending an emergency message to U.S. citizens after calls for protests went out on social media,” reports the Los Angeles Times.
21 London, UK -”About 200 protesters are burning USA and Israeli flags outside the US embassy in London,” Al Jazeera reports.
22 Kuwait City, Kuwait -”About 500 demonstrators gathered yesterday near the US embassy in Kuwait waving a black Al-Qaeda flag in protest of a film mocking Islam,” reports AFP. “President Barack ‘Obama, we are all Osama,’ they chanted referring to Al-Qaeda’s former leader Osama bin Laden who was killed by US forces last year, an AFP photographer at the site of the demonstration reported.”
23 Kuwait City, Kuwait – “About 500 demonstrators gathered yesterday near the US embassy in Kuwait waving a black Al-Qaeda flag in protest of a film mocking Islam,” reports AFP. “President Barack ‘Obama, we are all Osama,’ they chanted referring to Al-Qaeda’s former leader Osama bin Laden who was killed by US forces last year, an AFP photographer at the site of the demonstration reported.”
24 Chennai, India – “Protesters in southern India have been arrested for throwing rocks at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai, the city police commissioner said,” reports CNN. “As many as 200 protesters were demonstrating in front of the building, but the number arrested was not reported. There were no reported injuries.”
25 Amsterdam – “The American consulate on the Museumplein in Amsterdam is to close earlier than usual on Friday because of a planned demonstration by Muslims in the late afternoon,” reports “Two schools in the neighbourhood are also to close early, Nos television said.”
26 Maldives – Protests emerged in the Maldives, according to the BBC, but there are few details on the size of the demonstration.
27 Sri Lanka – Protests have erupted in eastern Sri Lanka, according to the BBC, but details are thin on the size of the demonstration.
28 Doha, Qatar -”Hundreds of worshippers marched near the US embassy in Qatar on Friday over the anti-Islam video,” reports Al Jazeera. “The protest had been reportedly called for by Doha-based Egyptian Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and began after his Friday sermon at the Omar bin Khateb mosque.”
29 Jos, Nigeria – “Nigerian troops fired live rounds on Friday to disperse Muslims protesting in the volatile central city of Jos against an American film about the Prophet Mohammad that has triggered unrest in several countries across the Islamic world,” reports Reuters. “Scores of Muslim demonstrators distributed photographs printed out from the trailer of the film, which Muslims say insults the Prophet, after Friday prayers in Jos.”
30 Sheikh Zuwayed – “Protesters belonging to ultraconservative groups in Sinai have stormed a camp for the UN multinational peacekeepers in the town of Sheikh Zuwayed,” reports Al Jazeera. “They brought down the flag and placed a black Islamic banner with the words ‘There’s no God but Allah, Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah. The peacekeepers responded with firing on the attackers, said Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh. At least one man is believed to be injured.”
31 Sale, Morocco – “Hundreds of Salafists burned US flags in Morocco after Friday prayers at a mosque in a poor neighbourhood of Sale, twin town to the Moroccan capital Rabat,” reports Al Jazeera. “Around 200 of the hardline Islamists gathered, shouting anti-US slogans including ‘American satan’, before trampling on two US flags and then ripping them up and setting them ablaze.”
32 Casablanca, Morocco – “Between 300 and 400 Muslim activists had gathered outside the US consulate in Morocco’s largest city Casablanca on Wednesday, amid a heavy police presence, protesting against the film and shouting anti-US slogans,” reports Al Jazeera.
33 Damascus, Syria – “Sana, Syria’s state news agency, said hundreds of pro-government supporters protested outside the US embassy in Damascus today,” reports The Guardian. “Protesters held images of beleaguered president Bashar al-Assad and what appeared to be government-organised demonstration.” According to photographer Louai Beshara, the purpose of the demonstration was to oppose the anti-Islam film.
34 Amman, Jordan – “Jordanian protesters burn a US flag in front of the Kurdi Mosque near the USA embassy in Amman,” reports the AP. Iran’s Press TV reports that more than 2,000 Jordanians took to the streets to protest the movie. “We sacrifice our soul and blood for the prophet,” said demonstrators. “We do not want a US embassy on Jordanian territory.”
35 Nouakchott, Mauritania – “Mauritanian youths also went out in a demonstration that covered the streets of Nouakchott condemning the offensive film,” reports Link TV. “Protestors gathered in front of the American embassy, calling for its shutdown and the expulsion of the American ambassador, which is the least that could be done for this criminal act. They also chanted slogans condemning this offensive film.”
36 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi – Muslims held demonstrations across Malaysia on Friday, calling for the United States to prevent distribution of an anti-Islam film they said was part of a plot by ‘Christian extremists,’” reports Ahram Online. “They included a group of about 30 people representing various Islamic organisations who marched to the US embassy in the capital Kuala Lumpur.”
37 Batu Caves, Malaysia – “A crowd … held a demonstration at the Batu Caves, a popular tourist spot outside the capital,” reports Ahram Online.
38 Ipoh, Malaysia – “Malaysian media reported a… protest in the northern city of Ipoh,” reports Ahram Online.
39 Hyderabad, India – “A peaceful protest was held here Friday against a blasphemous anti-Islam American movie,” reports News Track India. “Protestors set afire an effigy symbolising the US in the old city of Hyderabad. Police said no untoward incident took place during the protest.”
40 Diraz, Bahrain – “More than 2,000 protesters chanted against the film and burned American and Israeli flags after Friday prayers in Diraz, outside the capital, Manama. Security forces were absent,” reports the AP.“Separately, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry ordered media regulators to attempt to block access to the film clip.”
41 Istanbul, Turkey – “Hundreds of people gathered in Istanbul’s Beyazit Square to protest the prophet film,” reports the AP. “The protest was organized by Turkey’s main Islamist political party, Saadet.”
42 Nablus, West Bank – “In the city of Nablus, about 200 people demonstrated against the film as Muslim clerics throughout the territory preached against it in Friday sermons,” reports the AP.
43 Basrah, Iraq – In the southern city of Basra, about 1,000 took to the streets and burned the American and Israeli flags. One banner said: ‘Freedom doesn’t mean offending two billion Muslims,’” reports the AP.
44 Mombasa, Kenya – “A group of Kenyan muslims burn[ed] the US flag in protest over the anti-Muslim film that has spawned mob violence against American embassies across the Mideast, following afternoon prayers outside the Sakina Jamia Mosque in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya Friday,” reports the AP.
45 Srinagar, India – “A Kashmiri Muslim with his face covered burn[ed] a mock American flag as others shout slogans during a protest Friday in Srinagar, India,” reports the AP.
46 Kut, Iraq – “Iraqi supporters of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s movement, burn[ed] the Israeli and the US flags during a protest denouncing a film deemed offensive to Islam, on September 13, 2012 in the central Iraqi city of Kut,” reports the AFP.
47 Tel Aviv, Israel – “Arab-Israeli Muslim men protest against a film mocking Islam, in front of the U.S. embassy in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv, on September 13, 2012,” reports AFP.
48 Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan – “Afghans burn the U.S. flag in the Ghanikhel district of Nangarhar province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 14, 2012, during a protest against an anti-Islam film,” reports the AP.
49 Sidon, Lebanon – The AP captured photographs of an anti-film protest in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh near Sidon, Lebanon, here.


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