Mass-Murdering Financial Terrorists Confirmed In Attendance At Bilderberg 2012

Mass-Murdering Financial Terrorists Confirmed In Attendance At Bilderberg 2012

The Financial terrorists that kill tens of millions of people each year while stealing trillions of dollars are now confirmed to be in attendance at Bilderberg 2012.

The world’s financial elite have waged an all out campaign economic warfare and financial terrorism that kills ten of millions of people around the globe every year.

In the process of doing so they while rob 99.9% of the population of trillions of dollars of wealth.

They have instituted a system of shadow governance which uses their complex system of corporations, special interests groups and lobbyists to secretly control our politicians who ignore the plight of the people while further solidifying the control matrix of these terrorists.

Representatives of these terrorist organizations are confirmed to be on the official list of attendees of the Bilderberg 2012 meeting which started yesterday just outside of Washington and will continue to June 2nd.

Many have now been documented to be in attendance including the sitting Minister of Finance of Finland, the Prime Minister of Alberta, Canada, a Swedish Banker, and China’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with CEO’s of the global financial behemoth’s and other top world leaders.

Exclusive Photos: Bilderberg Attendees Revealed


Jutta Urpilainen – Current Minister of Finance of Finland.
Photo by Shepard Ambellas — ©


Henri de Castries – Chairman and CEO of AXA (France)

By Hannah Borno

Stay tuned as these are only the first in a series of photos and videos exposing the attendees of the Bilderberg 2012 meetings.

Bilderberg 2012 Official List

Source: The Intel Hub

The Financial Elite Choose To Kill 1 Million Children Each Month
A former lobbyist to the UN details how the financial elite and media collude hide the deliberate murder of over 1 million children every month.

Washington’s Blog
By Carl Herman
My personal history of the 1% choosing to kill a million children each month

This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA):

Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery: Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory


Monetary and credit reform is a policy objective to end transfer of trillions of the “99%’’’s wealth to an oligarchic “1%.” The US banking collusion only and always co-exists within a larger oligarchy with government for legal protection, and media for public propaganda. This paper presents histories in monetary reform and US government crimes in war suppressed by today’s US corporate media’s history texts and news journalism. When the oligarchy’s voice is professionally exposed as obviously and egregiously lying in omission and commission in claims of central importance of the past and present, government and corporate media loses credibility in an “emperor has no clothes” transformation. Refutation of the oligarchy’s voice with objective and independently verifiable facts, especially in light of current War Crimes and Constitutional destruction, supports our policy goal for monetary and credit reform because the public will seek alternative voices to build a brighter future. To support our goal of upgraded economic policies, we should be open to synergy with ecological and resource-based economic models, and network with Occupy.


Personal history and how government/ media kill a million children every month (more evidence to discredit what they say about monetary and credit reform)

I worked in direct contact with the criminal 1% for 18 years beginning in 1979 as a lobbyist working to end domestic and global poverty. We were key players to create two UN Summits: the 1990 World Summit for Children (largest meeting of heads of state in world history) and the 1997 Microcredit Summit (topic of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize).

Despite the investment to save a million children’s lives from preventable poverty being just 0.7% of our gross national income, despite that every historical case of ending poverty reduces population growth rates, and despite US promises to make that investment at global summits, the 1% “leadership” in government and corporate media renege on all promises and allow this crushing torture, these excruciating and prolonged death spirals of children.


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But their campaign of economic warfare isn’t limited to third world nation’s either.

Developed nations are under attack by their sabotage.

In fact, American’s are being murdered and robbed as well.

Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As the Economic Elite Make Off With $46 Trillion
Shocking statistics proving the economic elite have launched a deliberate systemic financial terrorist attack against 99.9% of the population.

An all out campaign of corporate and government propaganda has obscured the truth of the blatant reality that economic elite have raped and pillaged a generation of Americans.

The veil of secrecy that keeps us blinded to our oppressors is disguised beneath obfuscated financial data and blatantly manipulated government statistics.

The truth of the matter is every single American feels the stress and pain of increasingly burdensome economic hardships on a daily basis.

While we have been fooled to believe our troubles are isolated the light of truth is revealed from the great dark beyond and the fog that clouds our thoughts begin to clear.

What was once distorted now becomes obvious, thanks to a very lengthy compilation full of some of the most shocking economic statistics every American should be made aware of.

Due to the length of the article, I fear many will shy away from it.

To remedy the problem, I present here an abbreviated version containing the just the meat of the original along with a bit of my own spice here and there.

The Economic Devastation

Census Bureau data, from 2005 – 2009, average US household wealth declined by 28%. This represents a loss of $27,000 per household.

Currently, at least 62 million Americans, 20% of US households, have zero or negative net worth.

Based on government manipulated census data 43.6 million Americans, 14.3% of the population, lived in poverty in 2009.

Here is how the government manipulates the census data to mask our true economic nightmare.

The Census Bureau poverty rate is a horribly flawed measurement that uses outdated methodology. The Census measures poverty based on costs of living metrics established in 1955 – 56 years ago. They ignore many key factors, such as the increased costs of medical care, child care, education, transportation, and many other basic costs. They also don’t factor geographically-based costs of living. The National Academy of Science measure, which gets little if any corporate media coverage, gives a much more accurate account of poverty, as they factor in these vital cost of living variables.

The most current Census data revealed that 43.6 million Americans, 14.3% of the population, lived in poverty in 2009. While that is a staggering number that represents the highest number of American people to ever live in poverty, and a dramatic increase of four million people since 2008, it significantly under-counted the total.

A more accurate assessment of poverty data by National Academy of Science data shows that 52,765,000 Americans, 17.3% of the population, lived in poverty in 2009.

Last year, in my analysis, extrapolating data from 2008 National Academy of Science findings, I estimated that the number of Americans living in poverty in 2009 was at least 52 million. Recently, the National Academy of Science released their latest findings, backing up my claim by revealing that 52,765,000 Americans, 17.3% of the population, lived in poverty in 2009.

According to the manipulated government census figures, 20% or 15.5 million American children lived in poverty in 2009, which is 20% of all children in the U.S. The number of children in poverty increased 28% since 2000, and jumped 10% from 2008 to 2009.

The more accurate National Academy of Science data showed 18.8 million American children living in poverty in 2009, which is 24%, or nearly one in four.

“Every day in America 2,573 babies are born into poverty.”

Even with the lower Census numbers, Nine major American cities have a poverty rate over 25%.

Based on many key indicators poverty totals have continued to increase since 2009.

Current deficit reduction plans will cut “anti-poverty” programs that currently assist tens of millions of Americans.

Based on Census data estimates is predicted that the new deficit deal will cut the funding for these programs in half

The “the poverty rate will double without these programs.”

The total number of Americans living in poverty will increase to 80 million using census data estimates.

The total number of Americans living in poverty will increase to 105 million using the National Academy of Science data.
Record Breaking Food Insecurity

In 2005, 25.7 million Americans needed food stamps.

Today nearly 46 million Americans rely on food stamps.

Tent city homeless camps are popping up all over the United States.

Congress has responded the additional need for food stamps by saying fuck you to the public and cutting the funding for the food stamp program.

The cuts come as 22.5 million additional Americans need food stamps

The brings the total number of Americans in need of food assistance to a stunning 68.3 million people.

Our politicians have more important priorities $16 trillion for secret banker bailouts and trillions more to fund the illegal perpetual wars.
Record Breaking Unemployment

“Official” unemployment is at 9%, but only because the government refused to count millions of unemployed as being unemployed. Go figure.

While the “official” unemployment rate hovers around 9%, 14 million people, the government’s numbers are deceptively low once again. The only reason unemployment has stayed below 10% for the past few months is because millions of long-term unemployed, and part-time workers who are looking for full-time work, are not included in the baseline government unemployment rate.

The real number of unemployed is at an all-time record total of 34 million people which puts the unemployment rate is 22.5%.

The labor force participation rate, which measures the percentage of the total population currently working, has fallen to a 27-year low of 63.9%.

Currently, an all-time record 6.3 million people have been unemployed for over six months.

The average time it takes for a person to find a job has also just hit an all-time high of 40.4 weeks.

Private-sector job cuts in July surged 60% to a 16-month high.
From December 2007 to present, we have lost 10.6 million jobs.
Since August 2008, state and local governments have cut 577,000 jobs.

The new deficit deal will lead to an additional 1.8 million job losses.

60% of the jobs created by the $2 trillion stimulus are in low-wage fields.

Since December 2007 2.8 million of the news jobs created have been part-time jobs.

Over 12 months, the National Employment Law Project found that well-paying jobs are rapidly decreasing, while low-paying jobs are helping to mask an increasingly dire employment crisis:

Lower-wage industries constituted 23% of job loss, but fully 49% of recent growth
Mid-wage industries constituted 36% of job loss, and 37% of recent growth
Higher-wage industries constituted 40% of job loss, but only 14% of recent growth

Declining Income

While the cost of living from 1990 – 2010 increased by 67%, worker income has declined.

IRS data showed in 2009 average income fell 6.1%, a loss of $3,516 per worker, that year alone.

Average income has declined 13.7% from 2007 – 2009, representing a $8,588 loss per worker.

Worker income decline is due to the dramatic increase in CEO pay that has consistently increased year-over-year since the mid-1970s.

From 1975 – 2010, worker productivity increased 80%. Over this time frame, CEO pay and the income of the economic top 0.1% (one-tenth of one percent) of the population quadrupled.

The income of the top 0.01% (one-hundredth of one percent) quintupled.

After analyzing 2008 tax data, leading tax reporter David Cay Johnston summed up the situation pointing out that middle class wages should have been 68% higher which equates to a robbery of $406 each week.

As shocking as that is, over the last two years, workers have lost an even higher share of income to CEOs. In the last year alone, CEO pay skyrocketed by 28%. Looking at 2009, according to a recent Dollars & Sense report, workers lost nearly $2 trillion in wages that year alone:

“In 2009, stock owners, bankers, brokers, hedge-fund wizards, highly paid corporate executives, corporations, and mid-ranking managers pocketed—as either income, benefits, or perks such as corporate jets—an estimated $1.91 trillion that 40 years ago would have collectively gone to non-supervisory and production workers in the form of higher wages and benefits.”

As bad as these numbers are, consider that the attack on American workers has increased significantly since 2009. From 2009 to the fourth-quarter of 2010, 88% of income growth went to corporate profits (i.e. CEOs), while just 1% went to workers.

As the NY Times reported in an article entitled, “Our Banana Republic,” from 1980 – 2005, “more than four-fifths of the total increase in American incomes went to the richest 1 percent.”

It has gotten even worse, as Zero Hedge recently reported, labor’s current “share of national income has fallen to its lowest level in modern history.”

This chart shows how workers’ percentage of income has been rapidly declining:

The bottom line, as statistics clearly demonstrate, these trends are getting worse and the attacks against us, as severe as they have been over the past four years, are dramatically escalating.


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Claiming the economic devastation caused and the financial terrorism is being committed by just a handful of elitists that have full spectrum dominance of the global economy isn’t just some conspiracy theory either.

Scientific studies prove that world’s wealth and control of the entire global financial system really is concentrated into hands of a small number of entities really do control everything.

Science News: Study Shows Only 147 Entities Really Do Control The World’s Finances
Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world’s finances

(ScienceNews) – For many years conventional wisdom has said that the whole world is controlled by the monied elite, or more recently by the huge multi-national corporations that seem to sometime control the very air we breathe. Now, new research by a team based in ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, has shown that what we’ve suspected all along, is apparently true. The team has uploaded their results onto the preprint server arXiv.

Using data obtained (circa 2007) from the Orbis database (a global database containing financial information on public and private companies) the team, in what is being heralded as the first of its kind, analyzed data from over 43,000 corporations, looking at both upstream and downstream connections between them all and found that when graphed, the data represented a bowtie of sorts, with the knot, or core representing just 147 entities who control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations (TNCs).

The Culprits


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These same people and corporations are the ones in attendance at the Bilderberg 2012 meeting and are plotting their agenda to continue their campaign of financial terrorism.

These are the people are the people planning to spread global poverty, famine, and war to vastly increase their trillions of dollars of wealth.

These are the people who have now forced the government to backstop their $1.2 quadrillion house of cards known as the derivatives market using taxpayer money.

These are the people plotting how to continue wars for oil to profit their global military industrial complex.

These people are responsible for destroying the global economy and the forcing the hands of government officials to give their companies trillions in banker bailouts to morph their companies from being too big to fail into being too risky to exist.

These are the people are forcing world government’s to implement harsh austerity measures on their constituents to feed their insatiable appetite for greed.

These are the people who are pushing sovereign nations around the world into a system of one world governance so it will be easier to control the peasant serfs.

These are the people while they laugh all the way to the bank in the face of millions around the world who have lashed out in protest.

These are the Bilderbergers.

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