Man Returns “Lemon” Using It To Destroy Dealer Cars; Says ‘I Didn’t Hit A Car Under $20K’

Man Returns “Lemon” Using It To Destroy Dealer Cars; Says ‘I Didn’t Hit A Car Under $20K’


Angered man stuck with a “lemon” a car dealer refused to take back returns to dealer and uses it smash up cars in the dealer’s parking lot.

In another sign of just how fed up the American consumer is with being robbed by crooked businesses and corrupt politicians a Salisbury, Massachusetts man drove a lemon a car dealer sold him back, and refused to take back, to their lot and used it to smash up the dealer’s cars.

David Cross was frustrated after being stuck with the van he was duped into buying at the at the Portsmouth Used Car Superstore and in the fascist government we live in today corporate profits take precedent over consumer rights so Mr. Cross took matters into his own hands. Whilst his anger was justified, perhaps he would have been more sensible to have enlisted proper legal help from lawyers like those at Lemberg Law to assist with his lemon case against the dealer instead.

“I hit the first $25,000 car I could see,” Cross told the Seacoast Herald, “I didn’t hit a car under $20,000. Then I moved a van that they wouldn’t come down on the price for. I moved it with the lemon they sold me. I just held it to the floor until I couldn’t move it anymore. I took out seven vehicles, including my own.”

After purchasing the van from the dealer, he took it to his mechanic who told him the vehicle was a “piece of crap” and advised him to take it back. He took the vehicle to an experienced mechanic who runs his own auto repair garage. The garage is just a steel building, but it works perfectly for Auto Repair Shop Buildings. The mechanic has a lot of experience with vehicles, so his opinion was valued by this customer. Following his mechanic’s advise, he tried to return the van but the dealer refused, which spark the man’s anger.

This its why its best to do your research and make sure you’re getting in touch with a reliable and trustworthy Car Dealer, so you don’t end up being scammed like this man. Although most American states have lemon laws, meaning that cars have to be sold truthfully for what they are. However, if Cross had contacted a legal company to discuss how to file a claim against them, he probably could’ve resolved this issue much more effectively.

Whether on a small scale, such as in this incident, or on a larger scale, such as the robbery of taxpayer’s money to pay for corporate bailouts, the underlying theme remains the same – American’s are fed up with the way they are being treated by corporations and the corrupt politicians who serve those corporations.

With states looking to give immunity to banks who are conducting widespread mortgage fraud whilepoliticians rob social security funds, give banks trillions of dollars in secret bailout money, and thedebt crisis is being used to steal even more money from the American people to give to the rich it is only a matter of time before such raging inequality will turn into widespread civil unrest.

Case in point, the Herald reported that people are rushing to to set up a legal defense fund for Mr. Cross and yesterday those efforts continue to expand.


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