Los Zetas Outmaneuver Mexican Military; Burn Border Town to the Ground


By Mario Andrade
April 22, 2011

Yesterday, the criminal organization known as Los Zetas, managed to outmaneuver the Mexican military and penetrated Gulf Drug Cartel territory.

In what appeared to be a carefully planned operation, Los Zetas lured the military outside the border town of Miguel Aleman, Mexico to fight them in rural areas and back roads while the military was pre-occupied trying to catch the criminals outside the border town, several Zeta convoys moved in from the west.


An anonymous phone call was received by the military, mentioning that a battle between the Gulf Drug Cartel and Los Zetas was about to take place in Miguel Aleman. When the military turned its convoys around to head back to town, they were ambushed by two Zeta convoys, killing one soldier.

One Zeta convoy split up, heading west towards the city of Mier, near Falcon Lake; the other convoy headed further into Miguel Aleman, where Los Zetas were already battling Gulf Cartel gangs.

The battle lasted over three hours. Los Zetas clearly displayed superior fire-power and sophisticated infantry maneuvers, running circles around the military and Gulf Cartel members guarding the town of Miguel Aleman.

They also burned businesses and homes, terrorizing the local town people. In this operation, Los Zetas clearly demonstrated that they will soon chase the Gulf Drug cartel out of Miguel Aleman. Last year, Los Zetas took control of Falcon Lake and Mier from the Gulf Cartel, as they’ve been slowly moving in from Nuevo Laredo towards Reynosa and Matamoros.

Los Zetas are also outflanking the Gulf Cartel by taking full control of San Fernando, just south of the city of Reynosa, demonstrating how close they are getting to take full control of the border with Texas.

Since the 1990’s, the town of Miguel Aleman, across the border from Roma, Texas, had been a safe heaven for Gulf Drug Cartel leaders. Nowadays, Los Zetas are waiting to take control over it, waiting just outside the west side of town, where they have gained control of Nuevo Laredo, Guerrero, Falcon Lake, and the city of Mier.

Breaking News! Massive Battle Across Texas Mexico Border – Machine Guns and Explosions – Morning of April 21, 2011

My Brother and I are soldiers in the Army National Guard. My brother, James Bellow, is currently deployed on the Texas/Mexico border.

In the early morning hours of April 21st, 2011, my brother witnessed and recorded a MASSIVE firefight and Battle in Mexico, right across from the city of Roma, TX. This battle lasted for hours and included machine gun fire and several explosions from grenades of mortars.


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