Libyans Sue UK For Handing Them Over To Be Tortured

Libyans Sue UK For Handing Them Over To Be Tortured


Two Libyan nationals have accused the British government of complicity in their torture by the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, their lawyers says.


Press TV

– Abdelhakim Belhaj, who became commander of anti-Gaddafi forces after the Libyan dictator was ousted in last year’s revolution, and Sami al-Saadi are taking legal action against former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw over their illegal rendition in 2004.

Their lawyers added on Wednesday that legal papers have been served on Straw following media reports that he approved the men’s capture and handover to the Gaddafi’s regime.

“The civil action is against Mr. Straw personally and seeks his response to allegations that he was complicit in torture and misfeasance in public office,” law firm Leigh Day & Co solicitors said in a statement.

This comes while Straw has said that he cannot comment on the legal action because of the ongoing police investigation into the case.

Belhaj and Saadi are ALREADY suing the British government and Mark Allen, the former counter-terrorism director of spy agency MI6, over the rendition.

A letter from the senior MI6 officer to Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Musa Kusa, was found last year in the rubble of Kusa’s headquarters, which were bombed by NATO military alliance.

Britain regarded Belhaj as a terrorist who had met Osama Bin Laden during the Afghan jihad against the Russians in the late 1980s, and whose “group MI5 believed was involved in recruiting young British Muslims”, the state-run BBC REPORTED.

MI6 informed its foreign intelligence partners, and as a result Belhadj was intercepted in Bangkok, presumably by the CIA, and rendered to Libya.

The letter SUGGESTS MI6 was complicit in Belhaj’s illegal rendition and alleged torture in Libya — but that MI6 was not acting unilaterally.

He says his understanding is that MI6 obtained authorization from the Labour government of the time for its action.

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