Lawmakers Suspect Money Laundering Issues At Wal-Mart

Lawmakers Suspect Money Laundering Issues At Wal-Mart


Investigators looking into widespread bribery of officials by Wal-Mart now saying they have obtained documents implicating the corporation in money laundering.

Previously I reported on the news that Walmart was engaged in widespread bribery all over Mexico which of course only made news because they failed to bribe the right people

Walmart Covered Up Millions In Bribes All Over Mexico


Walmart covered up millions of dollars in bribes paid out year after year to officials all over Mexico in order to obtain and expedite building its stores.

An investigation has revealed evidence that Walmart has paid out over $24 million dollars in bribes to officials all over Mexico in order to obtain and expedite building of the companies stores.

According to reports from the corporate media, US executives didn’t initially know that executives in Mexico were partaking in the bribery of government officials.

While it is more likely that US executives were just as complicit and the media is just running damage control, the official story goes on to state that even after US executives learned about the bribes they killed an investigation into the scandal and helped cover it up.

Even worse, is the executive behind the network of bribes in Mexico was promoted and international Vice Chairman of Walmart.

Walmart then modeled its international expansion plans based on ‘impressive growth model used in Mexico’

Even when executives at the Walmart  headquarters in the United States was presented with evidence that US and Mexico laws were being broken, the executives returned  to the same people who were implicated in the bribery scandal to  investigate themselves.

It was only in December when the NY Times broke the story that they uncovered evidence of Mexico officials being bribed that Walmart finally told the US Justice Department that they would investigate and even then downplayed the situation as a limited discrete incident.

Instead the Times further discovered “that bribery played a persistent and significant role in Wal-Mart’s rapid growth in Mexico”

Certainly, it is not unreasonable to conclude that if the culture of this corporation has abided in the commission of such felonious acts in Mexico then odds are it has engaged in such rapacious behavior in other nation and within the US.

Hence, there should be the launching of an immediate investigation into the permits of all Walmart stores and buildings constructed worldwide.

Furthermore, it is almost unfathomable that the US government for years did not know that this was occurring giving the incredibly huge amount of times, assets and manpower invested into intelligence operations in Mexico as part of the War on Drugs.

If anything, this whole thing stinks of a plot to get Walmart off the hook for having to continue to payout bribes and blackmail mail fees now that they have grown into Mexico’s largest employer.

Now as that investigation continues the media and the investigators are reporting on the obvious – to conduct the bribery money laundering was also involved.

As Cryptology points asks ”I wonder what other activities this invovles?”

Money laundering and bribery. In Mexico. Gee, I wonder what other activities this involves?

(Rhetorical question of the year.)

Via: Reuters:

Two U.S. House Democrats investigating bribery allegations in Wal-Mart’s Mexico affiliate said on Tuesday they have obtained new internal records that may point to evidence of tax evasion and money laundering.

Reps. Elijah Cummings and Henry Waxman, who are the ranking members, respectively, of the House Oversight and House Energy committees, disclosed the latest details of their probe in an August 14 letter to the company.

“We have obtained internal company documents, including internal audit reports, from other sources suggesting that Wal-Mart may have had compliance issues relating not only to bribery, but also to ‘questionable financial behavior’ including tax evasion and money laundering in Mexico,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter to Wal-Mart Chief Executive Michael Duke.

A company spokesman had no immediate comment.

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