Latest HBO Newsroom Episode Centered On Fukushima Coverup

Latest HBO Newsroom Episode Centered On Fukushima Coverup


New Episode of HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ Centered on Fukushima Cover-up: “It’s a lot worse than they’re telling you” — Level 5 vs Level 7 is “the difference between life and gruesome death”

Title: The Newsroom
Author: Willa Paskin
Date: July 31, 2012


Sunday’s episode was set during the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. Sloan — who, like Munn, speaks fluent Japanese — learned from a spokesperson of the nuclear plant, off the record, that the problems with the reactor would likely be upgraded from a Three Mile Island-size disaster to a Chernobyl-size one. Filling in for an anchor on one of the prime-time news shows, Sloan, all fired up by a pep talk from Will McAvoy, manhandled and bullied her two guests, the spokesperson and his translator, repeatedly correcting the translator’s translations, eventually breaking into Japanese herself, and finally revealing the information she had gotten off the record without any on-air confirmation that this was actually true.


At 16:30 in

Reporters have conversation with Tepco spokesman.

At 19:00 in

Reporter has private conversation with spokesman.

At 20:45 in

Reporter to other reporters after conversation: “It’s going to go to level 7. Fukushima’s a lot worse than they’re telling you.”

At 22:00 in

Reporter to producer: “They’ve been low-balling the radiation levels.”
Producer: “That is not something you should mention on the air.”

At 26:00 in

Translator won’t translate Tepco spokesman’s remarks accurately during on air segment.

Show producer in reporter’s ear: “Please don’t go rogue.”

At 28:00 in

Reporter: “Has a chance of being raised to a level 7, which is the difference between life and gruesome death.”

Segment ends with Reporter gets suspended.

At 41:00 in

Tepco spokesman resigns.


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