Kidnapped Marine Vet Brandon Raub Speaks Out From Psych Ward

Kidnapped Marine Vet Brandon Raub Speaks Out From Psych Ward


The Marine Vet who has been kidnapped by federal officials who claim that his patriotic Facebook posts where terroristic in nature speaks out from the Psych ward where his is being indefinitely detained.

Earlier I reported on the feds unconstitutional detention of Marine veteran Brandon Raub.

Feds Detaining Man Indefinitely Over Facebook Posts

A former marine is being detained indefinitely for posting politically controversial Facebook posts pre-crime surveillance flagged as ‘terroristic in nature’

While being blacked out by the corporate media altogether blogs and the alternative media are in a uproar over the arrest of a former marine Brandon Raub whose attorney has announced is now being detained indefinitely – Yes, the NDAA indefinite detention nightmare resurfaces wearing a new mask.

Raub, who served 2 tours of duty in our illegal overseas wars, has posted a series of messages  considered politically controversial but are nothing more than what tens of thousands Americans post across the internet on a daily basis.

Raub is now being defended by the Rutherford Institute, Civil and Human Rights organization, who says the sole reason for his unconstitutional detention is the federal government has determined his posts are ‘terroristic in nature’.

The controversy started when Raub, who served two tour of duties in our overseas wars, was flagged by pre-crime surveillance for his posts which rail against the corruption of our government by the military industrial complex, the need to take the government back from the bankers, ending the federal reserve, messages denouncing the sacrifice of American lives to fight a war based on lies, and some less popular conspiracy theories such as the 911 attacks being perpetrated by government intelligence agencies and Al-Qaeda being controlled by the CIA.

While these truly are controversial political topics, there is nothing about the posts that are terroristic, to the contrary those with such opinions merely view themselves as patriots seeking to promote liberty over the interests of tyranny.

Make no mistake about what is really happening here – Obama has been ordered in three separate federal court rulings that he can not subject US citizens to unconstitutional indefinite military detention as was authorized by the NDAA with the latest ruling outright telling Obama he is in contempt of court if anyone is still be detained for after he defied the court’s ruling on the order.

The arrest of Raub is just nothing more than that the  government adapting to the ruling that they can not use the indefinite military detention silence journalists and political dissidents.

Now the feds are throwing this tactic at the wall to see if it sticks as an alternative means of indefinite detention to silence dissent and if it does it will have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech.

This sends a clear single to those who wish to speak out against the government in public forums.

It clearly communicates that those who chose to criticize the government in public will be have to fear federal agents storming their home and committing them to a psychiatric ward to be detained indefinitely until the are cured of their  ‘psychological problem’ of questioning the government, which is  ‘terroristic in nature’ under the rules of the new world order.


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