John Stewart No Longer Deserves ‘Most Trusted Man In America’ Title

John Stewart No Longer Deserves ‘Most Trusted Man In America’ Title


After being labeled the most trusted man in America year after year, recent episodes of the Daily Show are making me question if I can trust Jon Stewart any longer.

For years now I have been an avid fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show and I’ve got to say, not anymore. I think were all so desperate to have a mainstream type media that aligns with our thoughts and beliefs that we forget, it’s controlled. It’s programming that distracts us just like American Idol, sports, economics and the news distracts 90% of the population.

Despite his democratic leanings he has called out both political parties including attacking President Obama while the rest of the corporate media was eerily silent over the President’s mishaps.

This of course has earned him the title of most trusted for several year running. (see: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

News Flavor explains more speculating the reasons for this trust are entertainment value, the information value, and above all else the “Truth Factor”:

Stewart and his show don’t shy from targeting those politicians who are on the left. He hits the Democrats and Republicans both pretty hard…But putting aside politics, Stewart and his gang poke a lot of fun at the news media itself, especially the televised news media. And here I think is another place where The Daily Show really shines. Stewart and crew show us, quite baldly and blankly, how the news plays things up to look differently than they really are. The latest news report scaring you? Stewart’s going to make fun of it. Tired of all the one-sidedness on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc? Stewart will make you laugh about it. Think C-SPAN is boring? Chuckle about it with Jon.

See, the media as a whole are supposed to be the watchdogs in America. But they’ve fallen down on the job the last few decades, especially over the last decade. If anything, the media has become just another part of “the system,” more worried about itself and making the next buck than it is about truly, fairly covering the news.

Which is where The Daily Show steps in. Stewart has become the watchdog of the watchdogs. He keeps his eyes, and ours, glued on the happenings of not only the politicians, but of those who are supposed to be covering the politicians.


Source: News Flavor

That being said, I sadly report the last few episodes of the Daily Show have shattered my trust in Jon Stewart.

I love the Daily Show and must say I hope this article will reach Jon and make him realize he is abandoning the principles that have earned him the title of being the most trusted man in America.

Specifically I was first disheartened by his KONY 2012 segment in which Jon proceeded to poke fun at America’s youth because it took a viral video to get them interested in events taking place across the world.

He then points out several news who appear to be visibly upset that they have not been able to spark interest in the Uganda story despite years of reporting on it.

Those of course are all fair things to report on but my lack of trust in Jon stems from what Jon Stewart failed to report on in the segment.

The really story is that KONY 2012 is pushing fake propaganda which has been denounced as a lie even by the government of Uganda.

The video is being used to push the militarization of Uganda for 2 billion barrels of oil and yet Jon fails to inform his millions of viewers of these and several other critical facts.

For example, anyone who views Jon’s segment or even the original KONY 2012 video will be deceived into believing that Kony is operating in Uganda right now, kidnapping children, and turning them into child soldiers.

In reality, KONY fled to some remote jungle far away back in 2007 and has not even been seen since 2010.

Furthermore, Kony’s Lords Resistance Army is now defunct with less than 300 members operating in Africa and even a prominent professor from the University of San Diego, who lectures on Uganda and frequently travels there has denounced the video as perpetrating falsehoods.

Watch the clip yourself and you’ll see how anyone who watches it will be deceived into believing a military intervention in Uganda would be justified.


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