Jobs Bill? The Government Passed a Jobs Bill Years Ago … Just Not for US


A lot of proud American citizens the serfs have complained that the government hasn’t passed a meaningful jobs bill.

Sure, unemployment is brutal for most Americans … and the government is doing everything wrong in terms of reducing unemployment.

But that’s a small price to pay … corporate profits are soaring thanks to record unemployment.

But more importantly, the truth is that government LONG AGO passed a full employment act … but it only applies if you are a big cheese at a too big to fail bank (see this and this), a giant energy producer (here and here) or a big defense contractor (see this and this).

So stop whining, we’ve already got a jobs bill … it’s just not for you and me. It’s only for the people who count.

And for the crybabies who think that President Obama is not representing the wishes of his constituency, the people who put him into office … you’re wrong.


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