Jill Stein’s Twitter Shows Recount Is All About Stealing Election From Trump

Jill Stein’s Twitter feed reveals her Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump positions from promoting Trump Riots to pushing false neo-fascist racism claims.

Jill Stein is all over over the corporate media with so-called journalists an “real news” outlets pushing the case she is holding a recount simply so people can have faith in the electoral process while claiming she is not doing in favor or one candidate over the other.

If any of these so-called journalists, many of which were outed by Wikileaks as being Hillary Clinton surrogates, had even a single ounce of integrity they might perhaps do some investigation into her claims.

But once again the corporate media has no morals or ethics so we present Jill Stein’s Twitter feed.

Notably, one of the first tweets she made the day after the election was a post to an article on her own campaign website to rally her supporters to “Unite and Fight” to resist Trump a message of “Empathy, Appreciate and a Call to Action”


Not only is resist Trump by uniting and fight telling but so is the “empathy” because those who needed empathy were the Hillary supporters who were triggered by their candidate not winning.

Here’s Jill advocating people hit the streets and participate in the Trump riots.


Here is a tweet saying they are fighting neo-facism which is corporate media’s new narrative to paint Trump out as a reincarnation of Hitler. Under this narrative a violent rebellion to prevent him from taking power because once he does there will be no stopping a holocaust.



Feeding into this narrative is causing anti-Trump rioters to try to start a race war.


One of the rallying cries of Clinton supports have been she won the election because of the popular vote and the electoral college needs to be abolished because of the grave miscarriage of justice it caused.

Jill’s position on these issues?

She clearly believes the person who wins the popular vote should have one the election.


Jill also is advocating for the establishment of the electoral college.3-screenshot-clip

Mind you the electoral college is a cornerstone of a constitutional republic that prevents demagogues such as Hillary Clinton from being elected.

Hillary supporters hypocritically believe they are defender’s of minority interests while wanting to abolish the electoral college which is a fundamental pillar in protecting minority rights.

While the media has used the tried and true race card tactic going as far as calling the election a “white lash” the truth the democrats have the majority of popular votes in this country and the electoral college protects the minority votes of conservatives.

Perhaps the best example to use is California where Hillary won by a huge margin of over 3 million votes but is only ahead in the national election by 2 million votes. Should California alone dictate who the president should be while we ignore the rest of the country where Trump holds a popular vote lead of over a million votes over Hillary?

Of course not. This is exactly why the electoral college is needed.

Here’s another Tweet from Jill pointing out how her recount effort is making Trump supporters flip out.


Of course she is doing this under the guise of ensuring election integrity.

Jill note’s here that Hillary Clinton has joined her recount effort.


Of course, a bit of sarcasm here.


If you haven’t heard, Stein is pushing for recounts in the swing states Trump won the least by.


This has drawn stark criticism who point out Stein is not pushing for recounts in states that Hillary lost to Trump by smaller margins than Trump’s victory’s in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


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Healing the country she claims but this is nonsense. If she manages to get the election result overturned there will be no healing from it. It will just further divide the nation and further fuel the environment for violence.

Of course this is all bringing criticism about who she is working for. Specifically, if she is doing dirty work so Hillary can keep her hands clean.


There is also massive speculation that Billionaire and Hillary supporter George Soros is funding the recount campaign.

In response to these allegations Stein says her staffers would love to have his money.

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Jill is also taking shots at Trump over the TPP claiming he did not prevent it. Newsflash, if Hillary won the TPP would be alive and well. Obama only killed for one reason and one reason only – because Trump won. Obama has been ignoring the people on this ever since it was leaked to the public. Wikileaks also revealed Hillary was publicly against and was privately waiting to come out in support of it when the time was right.




If it wasn’t clear by now Jill Stein is clearly a Democrat plant. She discusses it here and brings up the Occupy Wall Street talking point on the 99%.

This feeds into her narrative on ending neo-liberalism and moving the Democratic party toward a more leftist, populist and grassroots party.


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