Japanese Politely Giving Up Their Lives

Japanese Politely Giving Up Their Lives


Citizens of Japan are quietly surrendering to the notion that the Fukushima nuclear fallout will cost them their lives.

[Meanwhile, in Japan]


Meanwhile in Japan, it’s 8.02 μSv/h in Fukushima and everybody’s smiling at the technology of the dosemeter box.


On the bottom of the fact that most of the Japanese people still don’t evacuate, there is the mentality to want to die.

This is making me feel desperate.

I am a blogger. I spend more than 10 hours on the internet to search for the trustworthy information. Recently, I noticed that more and more people are accepting their destiny.

Roughly estimating, more than 30% of the internet users are giving up living any longer. It seems like this ratio is getting larger and larger.

This is not Harakiri or Kamikaze mentality. This is resignation.
Say, about half of the internet users are aware of the radiation risk. In the rest of the 50%, I “sense”

A 60% – think cancer is the only risk
B 35% – know the variety of the symptoms
C 5% – full aware, evacuated, warning remaining people

In category A and B, almost 60% (Or more) people state they don’t want to live any longer.

They don’t have the intention to hurt others or stop other people evacuating. They rather to be helpful and very polite. However, they state they will die in Japan.
This strange mentality is coming from 2 kinds of thought.

1. In Japan, sometimes struggling is considered to be ugly. Not wanting anything – Nirvana – state is thought to be ideal. (Cf. Wabi sabi)

2. Group mind.

About 1, of course they are/were not in the nirvana state. They try to think they are in the nirvana state and holding the last rope not to let them go panic. They intentionally try not to think about what is actually going on to them. They are sometimes even self-absorbed.
As to 2, they are probably imagining the scene when they are hospitalized and all of their families or friends are happily in the same room. and dying as smiling with no pain.

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