Japanese Official: ‘They Are Telling A Lot Of Lies’ — ‘Their Children Were Also Sacrificed’

A question and answer session shows local officials telling blatant lies about the Fukushima nuclear fallout and the need for evacuations.

Minamisoma City council member Koichi Oyama on June 6, 2012, translated by Dissensus Japan:

Finally i found the conference proceedings of The Emergency Operations center at Minamisoma City Council.

They are telling a lot of lies.

On 25 March 2011 at the Chief Cabinet Security conference Yukio Edano made a request of voluntary evacuation to the residents but Mayor Sakurai didn’t, it means he didn’t understand.

Until April 22 he was asking for voluntary evacuation, maybe he had been manipulated by business operators.

Even if we wanted to evacuate, as it was voluntary evacuation, local officials neither organization employees couldn’t have evacuate. Their children were also sacrificed.


h/t – EneNews

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