Japanese Journalist – Teachers Forcing Children To Eat Radioactive Food Is ‘Like Killing Our Own Children, I Cannot Allow It To Happen’

Japanese Journalist – Teachers Forcing Children To Eat Radioactive Food Is ‘Like Killing Our Own Children, I Cannot Allow It To Happen’

Japan is forcing students to eat food that is contaminated with radiation despite objections from parents causing protests from a Japanese journalist.

As evidence continues to emerge there is widespread nuclear radiation contamination in Japanese food supply government officials exhibit their ignorance toward the problem by pretending there is no crisis.

Japanese schools are forcing students to eat radioactive food, among other unspeakable actions, which can be called nothing less than a crime against humanity.

Japanese officials know there is widespread contamination in everything from soil and sewage to tea and beef and rice and mushrooms. These are facts which test after test show can not be ignored.

Even when children plea for help directly to the government their cries are ignored, which can be interpreted as nothing less than the government telling the population to go fuck themselves because the agenda of the globalist corpocracy is more important than something as insignificant as the value of human life.

Fukushima kids take case to Tokyo, but get no satisfaction

Children from elementary and junior high schools in disaster-hit Fukushima Prefecture meet with government officials in Tokyo on Aug. 17 to talk about their lives since the March 11 nuclear crisis. (Hiroyuki Yamamoto)August 18, 2011

They came looking for answers, and left feeling brushed off.

More than five months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake crippled the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant on March 11, and children in disaster-hit Fukushima Prefecture are desperate to get their lives back to normal. They took their case to the central government on Aug. 17 and were far from satisfied with the results.

Four children from the prefecture, all from elementary and junior high schools, visited the First Members’ Office Building of the Lower House in the capital’s Chiyoda Ward.

Directly addressing government officials tasked with handling the crisis and bureaucrats in the education ministry, the children spoke about the hardships they have endured since the onset of the crisis.
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This video shows a Japanese journalist speaking out against the horrible atrocities labeling the actions what they are – “Killing Our Own Children”.


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