Japan Hides Radiation Tests Showing Numerous Children Will Develop Thyriod Cancer

Japan hides radiation tests that show a widespread number of Fukushima children will develop thyroid cancer they originally claimed were no cause for concern.

Japan secretly performed radiation tests on over 1,000 Fukushima children and finally released the results over 3 months after they were originally taken.

They revealed that over 45% of the children suffered from internal thyroid exposure to radiation.

According to a report on ABC News, Japan’s supposedly independent nuclear watchdog has hidden the results of those thyroid radiation drawing charges from health specialist the results have been removed to counter the negative public reaction over the reports.

Health specialists say the commission fears a negative public reaction to children’s exposure to radiation from the crippled Fukushima plant.
Health specialists say the commission fears a negative public reaction to children’s exposure to radiation from the crippled Fukushima plant.

Japan’s Nuclear Agency Hides Radiation Results

Japan’s nuclear watchdog has denied public access to the results of thyroid check-ups for more than 1,000 Fukushima children exposed to radiation.

Critics have accused Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission of denying the public accurate information about the crisis


But it has been revealed that earlier this month the commission removed the data from its website, citing privacy reasons.

But health specialists have slammed the decision, saying the commission fears a negative public reaction to children’s exposure to radiation from the crippled Fukushima plant.

Source: ABC News

The nuclear watchdog says the results were removed due to privacy concerns which does not explain why the results are not being made available in an anonymized form.

The truth is the removal of the data is to cover up the factually incorrect statements the government has made about those statements.

When initially releasing the data Japan assured the public the test results were far below levels of no concern.

As previously reported Japan release the test results 3 months after being conducted in shroud of secrecy

The results showed that the 45% of the children tested were found to have suffered internal thyroid radiation exposure at levels up to 100 millisieverts.

While the government asserted the levels were not reason for alarm, I quickly pointed out the results were cause for concern.

Specifically the results showed that a large number of children, over 1 in 20 Fukushima children, would develop thyroid cancer.

Japan Radiation Survey Conducted In March Shows 1 In 20 Fukushima Children Will Develop Thyroid Cancer

Japan Nuclear Radiation Survey Reveals 1 in 20 Fukushima Children Will Develop Thyroid CancerJapan finally releases a nuclear radiation survey that reveals that 45% of Fukushima children had sustained thyroid radiation exposure by the end of March. Despite government attempts to downplay the survey results the data shows that at least 1 in 20 children will develop thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, this is just the latest side show in the 3 ring circus being ran by our corporate dictators.

Residents in Japan are being forced to take radioactive cleanup into their own hands in the absence of a plan from the government to remediate the problem of the nuclear radioactive fallout that is blanketing the nation. According to a report from Reuters, residents are shoveling radioactive topsoil from their lawns and dumping it into forests, parks and streams in an attempt to protect themselves from high levels of radiation. Reuters quotes one resident as saying a Geiger counter measured radiation levels of 10 microsieverts per hour being emitted from the topsoil in her lawn.

An indication of the severity of the radiation exposure can be derived from a Kyodo news article which reports that Japan has finally released the results of a radiation survey conducted over 2 months ago by the central government and several local government located within the Fukushima Prefecture. According to the article, the study revelead that 45% of the children surveyed in the Fukushima prefecture had already suffered thyroid radiation exposure by the time the survey was completed at the end of March. The survey found levels up to an equivalent of a 50 millisieverts per year of thyriod radiation exposure for 1 year olds. To put that in perspective, the US has an annual radiation exposure limit of 4 millisieverts per year in drinking water for adults.


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