Japan Government Covered Up Extremely High Radiation Levels

Japan Government Covered Up Extremely High Radiation Levels



NHK news reports that the Japenese Government has been covering up data showing that residents outside of the evacuation zone are being exposed to extremely high levels of radiation, over 100 millisieverts in a 24 hour period.

Breaking news from ABC (Australia)

Japanese withheld information on high radiation at Fukushima

NewsCore, April 04, 2011 3:53PM

THE Japanese government withheld the release of data showing that levels of radiation more than 30 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant exceeded safe levels, broadcaster NHK reported Monday citing official documents.

The facility was rocked by a devastating earthquake and magnitude 9.0 tsunami which struck Japan’s northeast coast on March 11. Radiation has since been seeping from the complex, with the government imposing a 20-kilometre evacuation zone.

Low levels of radioactive material have also been detected in other countries including the US and Britain.

Computer projections taken on March 16 showed that people from as far away as 30 kilometres from the nuclear plant would be exposed to more than 100 millisieverts of radiation if they were outdoors for 24 hours between March 12 and 24.

It also indicated that the radiation could spread northwest and southwest of the facility.

The normal level of background radiation people are exposed to in their daily lives without harm is about one to 1.5 millisieverts a year.

The Japanese government has defended its failure to release the data until March 23, saying the amount of radioactive leakage and the areas affected were not clear at the time.

Source: ABC News (Australia)

NHK reports:

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate

It has been learned that the Japanese government withheld the release of computer projections indicating high levels of radioactivity in areas more than 30 kilometers from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The estimates were made on March 16th following explosions at the plant by an institute commissioned by the government using a computer system called SPEEDI. The system made its projections on the assumption that radioactive substances had been released for 24 hours from midnight on March 14th, based on the available data.

But the government was reluctant to reveal the SPEEDI projections, and did not release them until March 23rd.
The released data showed that higher levels of radioactive substances would flow over areas to the northwest and southwest of the plant.

The estimates showed that the radiation would exceed 100 millisieverts in some areas more than 30 kilometers from the nuclear plant if people remained outdoors for 24 hours between March 12th and 24th.

That is 100 times higher than the 1 millisievert-per-year long-term reference level for humans as recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

The Nuclear Safety Commission says it did not release the projections because the location or the amount of radioactive leakage was not specified at the time.

Professor emeritus Shigenobu Nagataki of Nagasaki University, says the government should release more data about the dangers of possible radiation exposure and draw up evacuation plans and other measures together with residents.

Monday, April 04, 2011 12:38 +0900 (JST)

Source: NHK English

So to recap up to people up to 30 kilometers would have been exposed to up to 100 millisieverts of radiation. What is especially malicous about this cover up is that Green Peace and the IAEA have been calling on Japan for over a week to expand the evacuation zone but Japan refused.

From The Intel Hub:

GREENPEACE Measures EXTREME RADIATION 40KM From Fukushima – Why No Evacuation?

Maximum Annual Dose In Few Days!

Regardless of what anyone thinks about GreenPeace and their stance on fraudulent man made warning, this video clearly shows that levels at least 40km from the plant are EXTREMELY high!

People NEED to be evacuated from the area. The Japanese government is involved in a CRIMINAL cover up that possibly extends to the IAEA and various other governments who are openly lying about the situation.

GreenPeace France

Greenpeace sent a team of experts in radiation protection in the area of the plant in Fukushima. January Vande Putte, and his team are measures on average 35 km from the plant, outside evacuation zone.

The team confirmed the levels of radiation than ten micro Sievert per hour in the village of Iitate, 40km northwest of central Fukushima / Daiichi and 20 km beyond the official evacuation zone. These levels are high enough to require evacuation.

From a health standpoint, it is not trivial to remain in this area, especially for those “at risk” as children and pregnant women, who could receive in a few days the maximum annual dose of radiation .

Learn about the situation in Japan



The maximum annual safe does is 1.5 millisieverts per year and with an exposure dose of 100 millisieverts in 24 hours that gives a level of


That’s not the only thing the Japan government covered up.

According to Japan Probe, the people of Tokyo drank irradiated tap water for almost a week before it was revealed to the public.

City Failed to Fully Disclose Tap Water Radiation Data

Tokyo Hid Drinking Water Radiation Data For A Week Before Telling The Public There Was High Levels Of Radiation In The Drinking Water

Tokyo Hid Drinking Water Radiation Data For A Week Before Telling The Public There Was High Levels Of Radiation In The Drinking Water

Yesterday, Fuji TV news reported some interesting information about radiation in tap water. Although the radiation levels for the Kanto region have dropped since a brief spike was recorded about a week ago, some new concerns have come to light:

  • Some companies that produce ice have suspended creation of new ice blocks. One company in Chiba prefecture, which provides ice to fish markets, will soon run out of old ice in its warehouse. If concerns about radiation in tap water are not put to rest, there may soon be serious ice shortages in the Kanto region.
  • In the city of Ushiku in Ibaraki Prefecture, the local government released tap water radiation data for last week that showed iodine remaining below the 100 bq/l safety level for infants. However, it has been revealed that a test on the night of the 24th found that iodine was at 124.9 bq/l. Because a test a few hours later found that levels had dropped below 100 bq/l, the city decided to not inform residents of the 124.9 bq/l reading.
  • The Tokyo city government made a rather serious mistake when announcing the areas that received tainted tap water from the Katsushika purification plant. They didn’t include Hachioji in their list, even though some areas of Hachioji were using tap water from Katsushika. City employees have apparently been going door to door in those areas to inform residents of the error.


While the main stream media in America is reporting that the people of Japan are protesting to end nuclear power, I get the feeling that the radiation cover up is the real reason for the protests.

Judge for yourself:

I WANT TO ESCAPE JAPAN! Japanese Protesters Take To The Streets In Tokyo

Now ask yourself the question, are we going to allow ourselves to be lied to?

There are already lying about radiation in the drinking water.

The Federal Government has known that San Francisco, CA tap water has been contaminated with radiation for almost a week now. Even the corporate media is helping them to cover it up.

It is understandable that the government needs to walk the fine line of informing the public and averting panic.

It is already estimated that over 200,000 people will get cancer from the nuclear radioactive fallout released from the Fukushima disaster. However, that number is based on the data released from the Japanese government which we are now learning is a series of long lies understanding the true enormity of this catastrophe.

On the other side of the pacific we are in no better shape. High levels of radiation are already being reported in the rain all over the US. It is in the rainwater, the milk and our drinking water. Just as Green Peace measured high levels of radiation in Japan and urged people to evacuate beyond the 30km evacuation radius, Greenpeace HAS WARNED THE WHOLE WORLD THAT THE JAPAN NUCLEAR DISASTER IS THREE SEPARATE CHERNOBYL LEVEL 7 INCIDENTS.

Meanwhile the Japan and the US federal government continue to assure everyone there is risk of harm to the public. We can remain silent and be poisoned and murdered with a plaque of cancer or we can organize and demand accountability and transparency from the officials WE PAY TO PROTECT US.


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