Japan Bans Foreign Geiger Counters – ‘Innaccurate, Cause Panic’

Japan Bans Foreign Geiger Counters – ‘Innaccurate, Cause Panic’

Fukushima citizens are no longer able to purchase foreign Geiger counters because the Japanese government has banned them claiming they are inaccurate and may cause panic.

Japanese citizens are reporting businesses in Japan no longer allowed to sell foreign Geiger counters under orders from the government of Japan.

The report comes from the The Fukushima Diary:

kazukazu721 (@kazukazu721) March 19, 2012

My Geiger counter got out of order, went to the shop to repair. They said, they can no longer sell foreign Geiger counters from the order of Japanese government. Government says, foreign Geiger counters are not accurate, may cause panic. I wonder what they will do for the Geiger counters that have already been bought by normal people. They also said it was ordered backstage. I’m scared of Japan, feel like I’m being killed quietly.

The Fukushima Diary goes on to report that that since the nuclear meltdown there has been a severe shortage of Geiger counters in Japan and even though over 40,000 have been donated by foreign nations to help the citizens protect themselves from the Radioactive Nuclear Fallout most of those Geiger counters have gone missing.

There obviously are several problems with Japanese made Geiger counters.

The first is there is the possibility that they are being tampered with by the government.

The second is any Geiger counters made with radioactive contaminants on them to being with will not provide an accurate readout because when they are manufactured they are calibrated to read zero.

Imagine a digital scale being set by the manufacturer to weigh zero pounds when it has a 10 pound weight on it.

Later the weight is removed and the scale is shipped out after which you purchase it and weigh yourself.

The scale will show you weigh 10 pounds less than you really do and since the scale is digital, like the Geiger counters, there is no “negative” out put to show the scale was not calibrated correctly to begin with!

Last but not least is the Japanese models only measure high energy gamma radiation which is nearly useless to detect the alpha and beta radiation that is caused from nuclear fallout.

Gamma radiation will most likely be from Solar radiation.

You need to purchase a foreign model to measure the Alpha and Beta radiation.


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