Israel Now Has Its Excuse To Attack Iran

Analysts say a bomb attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria may have just provided a perfect excuse for Israel to launch a military attack on Iran.

Press TV – A bomb attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria, which killed at least six people and injured 33 more, may have just provided a perfect excuse for Israel to launch its disastrous military attack on Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately blamed Iran without any evidence and said Iran was responsible for the terror attack in Bulgaria. Netanyahu also stated the Tel Aviv regime will have a strong response against Iran. There is no evidence that Iran was involved in this attack. However, Israel has been threatening for many months to attack Iran.

Last week, British film director, Christopher Nolan, unveiled the third part of his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight rises. According to the right-wing US shock jock Rush Limbaugh, it is all a liberal conspiracy and an attack on the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. According to Limbaugh the villain’s name, Bane, in the movie is designed to get Americans thinking about Bain Capital, the investment company Romney founded in 1984 and which is accused of sacking thousands of workers in the companies it took over. Meanwhile, five of the biggest companies sponsoring the Olympics, who were handed tax breaks by the UK government, have waived them after pressure from the protest group, 38 Degrees, whose online petition gathered more than 150 thousand signatures.

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