Israel – IDF To Deploy Iron Dome Battery In Tel-Aviv For The First Time

Israeli media reports that the Air Force is deploying the Iron Dome rocket defense system over Tel-Aviv for the first time.

Israel and Iran are inching ever closer to war, with just making the sudden announcement they are cutting that oil supplies to UK and France. The announcement has set oil and gas prices spiking, especially in the Euro nations where oil prices are were already near record highs.

In another sign that war is imminent, Israel is now deploying the Iran Battery in Tel-Aviv, were it was earlier reported that western media outlets rented roof tops to cover the war with Iran.

For those not familiar with the Iron Dome, this video explains they system.

Military analyst Nathan Hughes examines Israel’s new defense against rockets fired from Gaza and its political significance for both the Israelis and Palestinians.

YNET News reports:

IDF To Deploy Iron Dome In Central Israel
Anti-missile system battery to be deployed in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area for several days to simulate rocket attack

The IDF is planning to deploy an Iron Dome battery in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area for the first time as part of a drill simulating a missile attack, Ynet learned Sunday.

The Iron Dome system aims to provide protection from medium-range rockets used by Hamas and Hezbollah and is part of Israel’s multi-layered defense layout which also includes the Arrow 2 and Magic Wand systems.


Residents of Central Israel will be able to get a closer look at the Iron Dome battery which has been found to be effective in intercepting rockets fired at southern communities. The aim is to calibrate the system in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area after previous deployments in Haifa and southern cities. The battery will be stationed in Central Israel for several days subject to permits currently being acquired by the Air Force.

Military sources stressed that the deployment is part of a pre-scheduled training program. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said: “The Iron Dome is in the process of being made operational as part of which the battery is being placed in various locations from time to time.”

While Gaza and Lebanese terrorist organizations have yet to fire rockets at Central Israel, it is a well known fact that they own rockets able to reach this area.

Hezbollah owns rockets able to hit any point in Israel and it is estimated that Hamas also boasts an ever-growing arsenal of rockets able to target Tel Aviv. In the past, security officials estimated that the city will be the main target in the next major round of conflict.


Source: YT NEWS

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