Iran Female Ninja Outrage ‘We Are Athletes, Not Assassins’

Iran Female Ninja Outrage ‘We Are Athletes, Not Assassins’


Iranian female ninjas have rejected recent Western media reports describing them as assassins, saying that they are training as regular athletes and martial artists.

The Iran’s female ninjas are lashing out after western media organizations ran repeated reports claiming they are assassins training to fight against the U.S. and Israel.

They say the reports originated after they allowed Reuters do a story on their training and Reuters took their comments out of context and then fed other news organizations sensationalized versions of their report.

Press TV reports:

‘Iran ninjas athletes, not assassins

Last month, Press TV aired a report on about Iranian women training in Ninjutsu grabbed media attention worldwide.

Reuters News Agency put a different spin on the story in a separate report published on February 16.

The report claimed that the athletes are undercover assassins in the service of the Islamic Republic.

Founder of Ninjutsu in Iran Sensei Akbar Faraji condemned and rejected the misleading report.

“We are simply athletes interested in martial arts. That’s all. We really enjoy the sport and have grievances against those who portrayed us as something we’re not. I demand that they tell people the truth about us,” Faraji told Press TV.

Ninjutsu trainee Khatereh Jalilzadeh explained about being contacted by Reuters, “She asked me whether or not I would defend my homeland, should it be attacked by Israel or the US. I think it’s obvious that not only any Iranian would do so, but people no matter where in the world will defend their homeland,” she said.

“I love martial arts and I have tried a couple of [different styles] before, but I find Ninjutsu to be the sport with more variety in it. I love looking on websites like Attack The Back to learn about the latest MMA news and I’ve even learned a few BBJ techniques! Martial arts is so fun.” another athlete said.

Press TV contacted Tehran’s Reuters office, but they refused to comment.

On February 26, Reuters posted an advisory with some corrections made. The alterations, however, do not change the spin on the story as most of the text remained the same.

Source: Press TV

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