Iran Arrests 30 Terrorists Hired By Israel’s Mossad

Iran Arrests 30 Terrorists Hired By Israel’s Mossad

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30 Mossad hired terrorists behind bombings and assassinations of nuclear scientists and 2 Israeli terrorist training networks have been taken down by Iranian intelligence.

Iran has announced they have arrested 30 terrorists working for Israel’s Mossad who were behind the assassination of their nuclear scientists and were responsible for a series of bombings in Iran.

Iran’s intelligences agencies say that the raids have additionally taken down two networks being used by the Mossad to recruit and train operatives to conduct operations inside Iran.

Iran says they have irrefutable proof that Israel was behind the assassinations and bombings inside Iran that have targeted their peaceful civilian nuclear energy program.

Iran’s intelligence arrests 30 Mossad hired terrorists

Remembering one of Iran’s assassinated scientists; senior Iranian officials and scientific figures gathered in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to mourn the loss of Dariush Rezaeinejad, a top Iranian expert on electrical engineering. Rezaeinejad was gunned down by armed terrorists in Tehran on July 23rd, 2011. Head of the atomic energy organization of Iran an assassination survivor himself says that despite such acts of terror Iran would continue to develop its scientific capabilities.

Dariush Rezaeinejad was only one out of five assassinated Iranian scientists and employees involved in Iran’s nuclear technological advancements.

The 32 year old engineer was shot point blank along with his wife and four year old daughter who survived the assassination.

Attending Rezaeinejad’s memorial Iran’s intelligence minister once again reiterated that the elements behind the assassination of all Iranian scientists had been arrested.

Moslehi Blamed the Israeli intelligence Mossad, the CIA and Britain’s MI6 for the killing of its nuclear scientists.

But he refused to give further details on the issue due to the sensitivity of the case.

Iran’s foreign minister considered the attacks as a test of national will for his country.

Despite having the world’s second biggest nuclear arsenal after Russia the US and its allies mostly Israel accuse Iran of running a nuclear weapons program.

Iran categorically denies the accusation while insisting that its nuclear program is aimed at producing electricity and radiopharmaceuticals.

Iran says that in its latest effort it has succeeded in foiling a wide scale assassination plot against a series of its nuclear scientists.

Source: Press TV

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