Innocent Man Imprisoned For 5 Years Survived CIA Electroshock Torture, Witnessed Lethal Beatings

Innocent Man Imprisoned For 5 Years Survived CIA Electroshock Torture, Witnessed Lethal Beatings

An innocent man imprisoned by the U.S. government for 5 years in CIA torture camps survived electroshock torture and witnessed lethal beatings of prisoners.

A report by Russia Today reveals how the U.S. government imprisoned a man in the CIA torture prisons for 5 years and eventually released the man without charge.

Murat Kurnaz tells Russia today that he was arrest for being member of a non-political, non-government organization group that is against terrorism with 80 million members worldwide. Kurnaz says he was arrested in Pakistan while participating in a mission to provide food and humanitarian aid to people in the area.

The U.S government demands all organizations such as his sign a pledge not to provide humanitarian aid to “terrorists” or to locations controlled by “terrorist groups”.

When non-political groups such as Kurnaz’s refuse to sign the pledge the U.S. routinely adds those organizations to the list of groups that engage in or provide material support for terrorism.

At the heart of the issue is whether or not people should be imprisoned for providing food and humanitarian aid to locations plagued by disaster that are controlled by so-called “terrorist” groups. Take for example the nation of Somalia where The U.N. has just declared their first their first famine in 30 years and it is Somalia were more 30% of the population is threatened by death from starvation. Since most of the nation is controlled by groups designated as terrorists, the U.S. refuses to release humanitarian aid to the country.

The people in many parts of Pakistan, which have recently been ravaged massive flooding, face a similar situation. The stance of the United States is that the entire populations in these areas should be forced die from starvation and lack of basic necessities such as clear water and medical supplies.

Organizations who provide disaster relief to such areas threatened to be placed on the list of organizations that provide support for terrorism. Missionaries like Kurnaz who participate in humanitarian relief projects face being imprisoned and tortured in CIA detention camps like Gitmo.

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