In The Middle Of Hell – Explore Japan Tsunami Devastation in 3D Panorama First Person View

New 3D panorama images allow you to explore Japan’s devastation as if you where there.

In The Middle Of Hell – Explore Japan’s Devastation in 3D Panorama

News.Com.Au has put up a page of 3D panorama application allowing you to view the devastation in Japan in 3D.

However, with the application being embedded in a web page it detracts from the effect you get when you view it in a full screen view.

So I have put the direct links below. You can click on the links or the images below to open the 3D panoramic view of the images. The window will allow you to explore the location in the thumbnail image in a  full browser window.

View Japan’s Devastation in 3D First Person View

Clicking the image or links below will open each panorama in a new full browser window.

Japan360 Kesennuma City

Kesennuma City

March 17
A massive fishing vessel stands in what used to be the residential district of the small coastal town of Kesennuma.

Japan360 Kessennuma


March 15
Tattered childrens’ toys lie in rubble that is still smouldering four days after the tsunami hit on March 11.

Japan360 Natori City

Natori City

March 17
One of the most densely-populated towns in the devastated region, Natori is just 50km away from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Japan360 Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport

March 17
The busiest airport in Tohuku was totally inundated when the tsunami hit. The runway was urgently repaired and emergency flights have resumed.

Japan360 Airport Inside

Inside Sendai Airport

March 17
More than 1,600 people became stranded inside the Sendai Airport terminal, now abandoned, for more than two days after the tsunami hit.

Japan360 Ofunato


March 18
It’s a scene of total devastation in Ofunato – cars, uprooted trees and a barber’s chair are among the scattered debris.

Japan360 Ofunato 2


March 18
As snow adds a new complexity to recovery efforts, debris tangled in trees indicates the sheer force of the torrent which tore through.

Japan360 Shidugawa Hospital

Shizugawa Hospital, Minamisanriku

March 19
Once a busy, modern facility, Shizugawa Hospital’s ground floor is now a chaotic tangle of rubbish and debris.

Japan360 Shizugawa Hospital 2


March 19
Police continue futile rescue efforts in the wasteland left by the tsunami outside Shizugawa Hospital.

Japan360 Sanriku 2

Minami Sanriku

March 19
Very few buildings remain standing in the muddy wasteland that was Minamisanriku city before it was entirely destroyed by the tsunami.

Japan360 Shidugawa Elementary School

Shidugawa Elementary School

March 20, 2011
Although these residents of Minami-Sanriku have found safe refuge in a local school, basic needs of a hot bath and fresh clothing are not being met.

These exclusive 360 degree photos are by Koki Uemura, Masaki Furumaya and Shigeru Okada of Sankei Shimbun and have been made available by Getty Images.

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