In America We Are Jailed And Beat – In China, Projects Canceled Due To Protests

In America We Are Jailed And Beat – In China, Projects Canceled Due To Protests


Here is a little reality check on the government propaganda used to brainwash the masses into submission.

While the repeated government propaganda theme is forces down the throats of every American that China is a ‘totalitarian communist state’ that does not respect base human rights of its citizens this story out of China puts all of that brainwashing into question.

Protestors – a little over 1000 protestors – have cause authorities to scrap plans for a waste project in China.

In America 1000 protestors would either be ignored or responded to with the iron fist of the police state who would beat and jail protestors into submission.

We have seen it over and over with the Occupy Wall Street, NATO, G8 and G20 protests and most recently the Anaheim protests which are happening now as I speak.

So answer this – Which nation respects the rights and wishes of its citizens and which abuses them in the name of totalitarian control and corporate greed?

Via Al Jazeera:

People power in eastern China has forced authorities to scrap plans for a controversial industrial waste pipeline. Hundreds of protesters marched through the port city of Qidong to voice their concerns about pollution. As Nicole Johnston reports, it is the latest in a series of challenges to the government’s position on the environment.

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