Hurricane Irene Now Larger Than Katrina – First Winds, Rains, Power Outages Hit North Carolina

Hurricane Irene Now Larger Than Katrina – First Winds, Rains, Power Outages Hit North Carolina

Winds, Rain And Power Outages From Hurricane Irene, Which Is Now Larger Than Hurricane Katrina At It’s Maximum Size, Reach North Carolina Shores.

If you haven’t prepared for Hurricane Irene then surely this is the wake up call you need? There are millions of people rushing to prepare their properties and businesses for the oncoming bad weather. People are using sandbags around their property to stop their houses from flooding, getting tree removal to ensure no fallen trees can hit their roofs, moving electricals to the highest point of their house, ensuring they have a weeks worth of food and water, etc. but some are fearing this might not be enough. Right now, there’s no telling how much damage this hurricane might cause. Usually, most hurricanes tend to cause a lot of damage, so people are preparing for the worst. If any homeowners do experience flooding inside their home after this hurricane, they should contact companies like 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of South Charlotte & Union County, for example, to help them restore their home as quickly as possibly. Hurricanes can be dangerous, so homeowners need to stay safe and contact restoration companies as soon as it is safe to do so.


The 11:00 AM NOAA advisory put the center of Hurricane Irene 375 Miles south of North Carolina shores as it continues its path due north straight toward the coast. Here are some Helpful tips to Prepare for a Hurricane if you happen to reside within the Carolinas or are perhaps thinking of relocating there at some point in the future. It’s best to know what to expect from the weather in the part of the country you’re interested in.

Hurricane Warnings And Watches have been issued along the entire eastern seaboard from North Carolina up to Boston Massachusetts. Deadly storm surges as high as 11 feet are expected to spread from North Carolina to the Chesapeake Bay. From The Chesapeake up to Sandy Hook Storms surges are expected up to 6 feet above ground level.

New York, Connecticut have joined N.C., Va., Md. and N.J. in declaring a state of emergency as millions have already been ordered to evacuate, with more mandatory evacuations to come.

The massive storm now has Tropical Storm force winds spanning over 290 miles from the center with the storm now spread well over 600 miles wide. Tropical storm-force winds spread up to 430 miles wide – tropical the distance from Baltimore to Portland, Maine – which is larger than Katrina at its maximum size.

The director of DHS and FEMA is warning of widespread power outages that are expected to last for days, along with deadly flash floods and hurricane force winds that will reach far inland.


Power outages are starting already as the storm first makes land fall with only tropical-storm force winds hitting the coast right now.



Hurricane Irene Now Hammering Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.





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