Human Rights Abuse Proposed: Grand Canyon Nuclear Production (Video)


Grand Canyon could become major nuclear weapon, energy source

As radiation from Fukushima’s nuclear plants melting down and radiation from the Gulf of Mexico’s crude oil are contaminating Earth’s life forms in unprecedented amounts, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is considering changing a 20-year mining ban protecting the Grand Canyon’s entire one-million acre watershed so the area can be used for uranium mining: nuclear weapons and energy.

Industry lobbyists are encouraging BLM to open the Grand Canyon to the uranium mining rush. If successful, immediately, 30 million American’s health will be at risk, not to mention lives where the U.S. is using nuclear weapons on children, women and innocent men.

With hundreds of new uranium mining claims filed within just a few miles of Grand Canyon National Park, a proposed new law would close the area to mining development and prevent radioactive contamination from discharging into the park, into the bodies of Native Americans who have inhabited the area for centuries, and further downstream into California.

Without a major media cover-up of lethal amounts of radiation now circulating the globe from Fukushima, more people would respond to Credo’s call for action to tell BLM to stand firm against nuclear profiteers.

Native Americans are dancing in prayer for the Grand Canyon and human protection from nuclear exploitation. (See Youtube video on this page left.)

Big Energy over Humans

Credo reports:

“If mining companies are allowed to move ahead with their new claims, the damage to the local wildlands and habitat would be extreme. And with the huge risk that polluted water will run into the Colorado river — which supplies water to cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson — this mining literally poses a risk to the health of nearly 30 million people”

Uranium mining extracts radioactive material for use in nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, aside from ripping Mother Earth.

Campaign Manager for CREDO Action from Working Assets, Elijah Zarlin stated Saturday, “It’s tragic that, as we observe the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster this week, and as the Fukushima disaster continues to unfold in Japan, the thirst for nuclear energy and power would now threaten one of our most precious places, and millions of people who depend on it.”

“It’s essential that we urge the BLM to protect the Grand Canyon,” says Zarlin.

“For the past two years, the Grand Canyon has been protected from these ravages. But now, the temporary mining moratorium is set to expire” according to Credo.

“The high price of uranium makes its extraction extremely lucrative for mining companies, but shockingly, the practice is regulated by the antiquated 1872 Mining Law which has no environmental standards to limit the devastation and radioactive damage that results to wildlife, soil, ground and surface water.

In fact, the law actually makes exploitative mining a priority over all other uses of public lands.



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