Hillary Responds To DNC Hack With Mindblowing Answer

Hillary Says With A Straight Face: ‘I Will Be The Cyber Security President’



It’s a stiff competition for crazytown this election, but yesterday’s Clinton interview is a contender. Hillary is asked about Russian hackers Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear who infiltrated DNC servers for over a year. Behold the frightening lack of human self-awareness in the response. It is not unlike her consistent refrain that no one died in Libya. Her reality is controlled and clean, free of any semblance of truth

‘It is troubling, like all cyberattacks. The Russians who did it probably were acting on behalf of the Russian government. This is another example of Russia using cyberattacks to gain commercial, political or military advantage. As far as we know, my campaign has not been hacked into. We are checking on that. Cybersecurity is an issue I absolutely will be focused on as president. Countries are stealing more and more information to use it to their advantage, and we can’t let that go on.’

Via: The Daily Bail

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