Hillary Hemorrhaging Votes in Wake of WikiLeaks Fallout

Hillary is down, on average, nearly 3 points in 7 Nationwide Polls in the wake of the WikiLeaks Fallout.

As the Hillary Clinton campaign gets bombarded with scandal after scandal coming out of the WikiLeaks publications there has been much debate over one of the revelations — that Polls are being rigged by the media at the direction of the Clinton campaign to maximize their effect in the media.

Of course, regardless of the what rigging may have been done comparing the poll released by each organization paints a clear picture of what the direction the race is heading.

In Hillary’s case, it is going straight down the toilet losing an average of 2.86% in 7 major national polls since in the last coup of weeks:


Sources below, But first, a little background on why there are claims the polls are being rigged.

WikiLeaks revealed the Hillary Campaign composed a memo, along with a 37 page instruction manual, that gave step by step directions on who to “oversample” certain aspects of polling data to spin the results for Hillary Clinton.

For example, Newt Gingrich made the point last night on the Kelly file that Hillary is receiving a built in extra 9% in many polls because the big news organizations are counting on a turnout of the African-American vote similar to that of Barrack Obama.

This, as Newt explained, despite internal Trump polling show Democrats are not going to see the same kind of turnout.

Of the many scandals revealed in recent Podesta Emails published by WikiLeaks it was revealed that the Hillary campaign instructed her surrogate journalists across news organizations to use such oversampling to maximize the media benefit.

So how do we decide? We may not be able to but regardless of the bias in any single poll one way to cut through the news is compare polls from the same organization to get a grasp on which way the polls are heading.

For Hillary the results are disturbing and show that since WikiLeaks began publishing the Podesta Emails her poll numbers have dropped up to 4 points.

To make matters worse, there is no end of site for Hillary’s hemorrhaging of voter as we are only half way through the leaks being published and Wikileaks has promise to publish a new batch everyday until the election.

Making matters worse is these polls don’t even account for the some of the most damaging revelations coming from the leaks which have only came out in the last couple of days and only now starting to force their way onto network news coverage.

The implosion of her campaign is only likely to accelerate as more leaks are revealed everyday revealing previously unknown scandals and confirming lies and coverups about scandals already known.

This all is being compounded by news that voters are in for massive sticker shock for health insurance premiums next week with the average premium of Obama care going up 25% nationwide and over 100% in some states.

In the meantime, here is the damage that has already been done as represented by 7 major nationwide general election polls.

At first it may not be obvious, but as soon as polls are compared by organization it is clear Hillary voters are flocking to Trump.

In fact the LA Times now has Donald Trump up one point and all of the well-respected independent polls have the race being very close with only the major corporate news networks showing a lead for Hillary outside of the margin of error.


Source Real Clear Politics

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