Hillary Clinton : We Created Al-Qaeda

Hillary Clinton : We Created Al-Qaeda

Hillary Clinton : We Created Al-Qaeda

Hillary Clinton : We Created Al-Qaeda

While she states it was a good thing at the time she express regret that the Americans are fighting them now.

If America is really fighting Al-Qaeda, then who are the scums and terrorists that were used in the same exact manner to topple the government of Qaddafi in Libya and being used at this very moment to topple Assad in Syria?

What is ironic is the corporate media will declare Islamic militants as a terrorist or a freedom loving revolutionary based on the sole variable of where they are waging their Jihad.

Take for example some of the Syria rebels who were part of Al Qaeda in Iraq just a few years ago where they were considered terrorists.

Now they have moved across the border into Syria and are considered freedom loving revolutionaries being backed by the west and painted as heroes by the corporate media.

More bizarre is the level of doublethink required for large portions of population to accept such an Orwellian narrative without the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance.

Did these fighters experience a some kind of miraculous epiphany by simply crossing the border that makes them no longer terrorists?

There is one simply explanation and that is America rulers and financial elitists need them further their imperialistic agenda.

A few years after Assad falls when American no longer needs the services of this covert foreign legion let’s see if they will then be considered terrorists.

The truth Al-Qaeda didn’t leave the US government’s bed.

Let us review the history and it becomes clear despite the fear cast upon the American people the acts of Al Qaeda and their associated forces have only served the interest of those who control US foreign policy.

Al-Qaeda really doesn’t even exist, it is just a label the US decides to thrown on whatever Islamic Jihadist groups that happen to be fighting against American imperialistic at a certain moment in time.

That is not hyperbole either.

As the BBC explains, US prosecutors simply made up the term so they could prosecute “terrorists” they had no evidence against using racketeering and organized crime laws.

When those same Jihadists are fighting on behalf of American interests they simply multipurpose fighters who are being used efficiently to do the dirty work of US government.

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