Gold Breaks $1,670 As Asia Markets Suffer Losses Across The Board Following The U.S Crash

Gold-Surpasses-1672-per-ounceGold Soars To A New All Time High Trading over $1,672  per ounce as Asian markets follow the U.S. market crash with broad losses across the board.

Gold has hit yet again another all time high briefly trading over $1,672  per ounce before pulling back slightly below the $1,670 mark but don’t try to Google it because it just hasn’t been reported yet.



Google does reveal a single Reuters report which earlier predicted a $1,670 upper resistance level for gold.

Asia markets are also extending yesterday’s broad U.S market crash that sent Gold prices to all time highs with losses being seen across the board.

With the broad losses in Asia and an apparent lack of good economic news the equities free fall looks ripe to extend their losses as gold looks to continue to soar.

Here is a snap shot of the Major world markets showing the Seoul markets shedding 2.59%, the Hang Seng down 1.91%, and the Nikkei 225 down 2.11%

downloadAsian markets crash all around with all major indexes in the red



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