Glenn Beck: Unstoppable Economic Collapse Is Imminent

Glenn Beck: Unstoppable Economic Collapse Is Imminent

Glenn Beck outlines expert statements to make the case governments world wide a headed straight into bankruptcy and global hyperinflation.

Glenn Beck outlines how the current stalled global economy is nothing short of a global depression and the sovereign debt defaults in Europe are only the first dominoes to fall and will eventually spread to Japan, China and eventually the UK and the United States.

As the bankruptcy spreads from nation to nation the system will be ‘reset’ with global coordinate currency devaluation, aka global hyperinflation being the only end-game scenario.

Beck cites a reporter from a Goldman Exec and Hedge Fund manager to make his claims.

During the course of his report interweaves the recurrent themes from his personal world view that this is a designed collapse being perpetrated by those who will be able to make the rules for the ‘new system’ once the ‘reset button’ is hit on the current system

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