Gag Order? Media Silent As Israeli Warships Head Toward Iran

Gag Order? Media Silent As Israeli Warships Head Toward Iran


The Israel military and media are being very quiet after Israeli warships were spotted passing through the Suez canal into the Red sea and toward Iran.


Israel is being awfully tight-lipped about two warships spotted in the Suez canal following 4 days of strikes on Gaza.

The exact destination of the ships is unknown due to the secrecy over the deployment but the ships are moving along the path they would take to Iranian waters.

Here is a series of reports highlighting what is known so far.

Press TV reports:

Israeli warships leave Port Said after crossing Suez Canal

Two Israeli warships and a French vessel have reportedly left Port Said north of the Suez Canal after crossing the canal under heavy security.

(Press TV) -According to a report published by Egyptian al-Ahram newspaper on Tuesday, the two vessels and the French ship left the northern Port Said to an unknown destination.

The Suez sailing supervisor Ahmad al-Manhali said that it took 14 hours for the two Israeli warships — INS Lahav and INS Yafo — and Imidisi, an accompanying French vessel, to cross the canal and arrive at Port Said in the north.

The warships were also accompanied by a Suez authority tow vessel for security purposes.

Israeli officials have not commented on the report yet.

This is the latest crossing of Israeli naval vessels through the Suez Canal Since 2009 when two Israeli military torpedo warships, INS Hanit and INS Eilat, reportedly sailed across the canal from Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

That article quoted aparently quoted this article:

Report: 2 Israeli Warships Cross Suez Canal
Egyptian newspaper says Israeli warships crossed Suez Canal under heavy guard; destination unclear

A firm massage to Iran? Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported Tuesday that two Israeli warships crossed Egypt‘s Suez Canal. According to reports, the two vessels and a French ship left Port Said in the north. The destination of the ships is unclear. The IDF has yet to comment on the report.

The two warships, INS Lahav and INS Yafo arrived at Port Said accompanied by a French vessel “Imidisi”, where they joined a fleet.


The last time Israeli naval vessels reportedly crossed the canal was in 2009. Two IDF warships sailed across the canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. The source said the vessels were the INS Hanit and INS Eilat torpedo boats.

A few days earlier, a single missile boat was reported as crossing the canal to the Red Sea for “operational purposes”. The nature of the crossing remains classified.

Source: YT News


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