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Fukushima – The Great Deception


The Intel Hub Caribbean Critic Originally Published on May 20, 2011 The initial stories coming out of Japan followed the historical pattern of pronouncements surrounding the Nuclear industries calamities; from Caulderhall in the UK to Chernobyl Ukraine and on to Three Mile Island in the USA. All so-called accidents! Melt downs, explosions, fires and accidental discharges of radiation, the nuclear industries explanations of these events have since been proved to be demonstrably false. Fukushima has followed the same pattern of denials, false claims and downright lies by the government of Japan and T.E.P.C.O. I have researched every scrap of news and put it to the test using my knowledge of the Nuclear power plants and the experience of previous events. What stands out is the audacity of T.E.P.C.O. in particular proclaiming Fukushima Diiachi was being brought under control. Bob Tuskin asked me to appear on his radio show a few times over the past several weeks. I gave my analysis and explanations as I saw them unfold at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. In the first instance what came back was somewhat to ridicule me and call me a doom merchant, however as time went by and T.E.P.C.O. was embarrassed into explaining its actions and the conditions at the plant the analysis and explanations were vindicated. I do have other interests, on the last show with Alexander Higgins (mp3) we were discussing the continuing wars by the Anglo American alliance and NATO, it was suggested that Syria was in the frame however my thoughts and analysis suggested that Pakistan was next!

True-to-form, Rep Ron Paul was quoted as saying exactly that!

The reality is out there. To listen to the genuine information that I have released over the last few weeks go to the Bob Tuskin Radio Show archives. The explanations given on Bobs show included the melt down and cover up of No.1 reactor, the melt down of No.2 and 3 reactor, the disposition of Plutonium and other radioactive elements in particular Strontium 90, and radiation-bearing cooling water entering the water table and the sea. These prediction have all been confirmed by TEPCO and others well after being pointed out on Bobs show.

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