Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Found in US Beef

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Found in US Beef

Fukushima radiation tests conducted on US ground beef shows radioactive contamination in grass fed cows.

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The POTRBLOG team spent $1,100 dollars to have US ground beef tested by professional labs for radioactive contamination from Plutonium, Strontium, and Gamma producing radionuclides. The ground beef samples tested were from a grass fed cow which went to the butcher in July of 2011; the radioactive testing occurred during the first week of May 2012.

The ground beef sample returned readings showing that the cow had ingested radioactive fallout. The sample also had readings which point to a recent nuclear fission and control rod fire occurring within the last few weeks. The results of that testing are presented in the video below.

As it stands now, we still have available PRE-Fukushima all natural, grass fed beef, and pasture raised pork for testing. We know exactly how, where and by whom the beef, and pork were humanely raised. We also have access to fresh beef, pork, and chicken raised under the same conditions.

Our goal is to independently and accurately determine what the true risk the populace faces from Fukushima fallout contaminating the food supply. We also believe we will be able to identify specific farm conditions that will allow you to pick food sources which have the lowest reasonable contamination risk. If you are interested in knowing the truth and bringing that information to the light of day, please use the DONATE button located at www.POTRBLOG.com

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